Teaching Essentials

Quality Assurance Management Checklist

The Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) Audit Checklist is a continuous process enhancement/improvement system for all academic programs at Red River College Polytechnic. Process enhancement/improvement is an ongoing and proactive endeavour that identifies what works, who is accountable for making it work, and how to maximize the allocation of resources in the most efficient and productive manner. It should not be looked at as a once-only application or as Pass/Fail. Rather, the ownership for ensuring quality lies with every member of an organization. 

The QAMS checklist identifies six major key quality indicators. They are: 

  1. Institutional Governance and Management
  2. Admission/Retention
  3. Curriculum
  4. Resources
  5. Program Outcomes
  6. Quality Enhancements

Each key indicator is further split into specific indicators of quality, identifying:

  • (Institutional) Area of Responsibility 
  • Score (based on quantitative data from related rubric)
  • Notes (based on qualitative data from related rubric)
  • Proposed Action 
  • Action Lead (the person responsible for ensuring the proposed action is done)
  • Timeline (for completion of proposed action)

Each specific indicator has a related scoring rubric with quantitative and qualitative scores ranging from Outstanding (4) to Not (0) / Partially Evident (1). To reiterate, the intent of the checklist is to identify areas for enhancement/improvement and how, when, and by whom they should be addressed.