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Program Life Cycle

Program Life Cycle Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish common principles for the development, revision, review, and retirement of academic programs at Red River College Polytechnic to ensure that programs are relevant, meet standards of high quality, and are responsive to industry and educational needs. In addition, all programs must be in harmony with the College’s strategic plan. In addition to program quality assurance the Program Life Cycle Policy is also intended to facilitate effective and efficient use of college academic resources.

This policy addresses eight phases within the life cycle of a program – from initiation through permanent program cessation – and mandates procedures that apply to each phase. 

Program Life Cycle Policy Manual


Phases within the life cycle of a program:

  1. Overview (PDF)
  2. Initiation (PDF)
  3. Design (PDF)
  4. Development (PDF)
  5. Delivery (PDF)
  6. Evaluation (PDF)
  7. Renewal (PDF)
  8. Program Cessation (Temporary) (PDF)
  9. Program Cessation (Permanent) (PDF)