Teaching Essentials

How to Access Testing Environment

How To Access Training

NOTE: If you are accessing testing remotely, make sure you are connected by VPN.

Two ways access the test environment:

  1. Access the test environment >
  2. Access HUB >
    Go to Team Sites > Departments
    Click on ERP – Colleague Group;
    On left side of page listed under Home, click on Colleague Environments;
    Scroll down and then click on to T22202a – SS
    Sign in with your current user name and password. This will then bring you to the Colleague Self-Service.
    Click on Advising

In the test environment, you will have access to a student’s record, which will be listed with you as the Advisor.

Test The Following

  1. Find an Advisee record through the Search button or you can select an Advisee below and click on View Details.
  2. It will automatically take you to the Course Plan tab
    Make sure the Current term is selected. Terms are listed as FT2021 WI Winter, FT2021 SP Spring, etc.
  3. For testing purposes, do not click on Review Complete.
  4. Toggle between the List and Calendar to get familiar with views.
  5. Go to List view, use the approve and deny checkboxes
  6. You can click on the check mark to select all courses and approve or deny courses. You can click (or unclick) each of the boxes next to each course to approve or deny courses.
  7. Once you have approved or denied courses and sections you can click on Review Complete. If you have made changes to the planned courses and sections click on archive course plan, which will verify the plan was reviewed, and will archive the changes you have made to the plan.
    Go to the Plan Archive tab to view the pdf plan.
    If you have not made changes to the planned courses and sections then click on cancel, which will then verify the plan was reviewed, but a plan did not need to be archived.
  8. Go to the Notes tab – add a note to the student’s file.
    Check below to View Note History.
    Check the automated messages when Notes are sent (Student and Advisor side)
  9. Now you can explore the different tabs.
    Go to Timeline and move one course from one term to another by clicking on a course, holding and moving from one term to another.
  10. Return course to original term.
  11. Go to Progress tab, which will show you credits that are planned or completed.
  12. Go to Course Catalog tab showing various courses in CBR programs.
    Under the Filter Results, click on Subject – Communications, select either EDC or NDC location, select the current term (I.e., 2021 Winter Term, 2021 Spring Term)
  13. Select Grades, click on the current term.