Teaching Essentials

FAQ When Using Advising

How do I search for or find a student (advisee) in Advising?

There are two ways to search and find students:

  1. Use the student search field to search by name or ID, and then select View Details.
  2. If the student is assigned to an Advisor, the name of the student and details will appear in a list form. Select your student and click on View Details to see their plan. The record will open under the Course Timeline tab. If an assigned student has requested a review, there will be a checkmark in the Review Requested column next to their name.

Note: If a student is not assigned an advisor, they will not be able to see the Review Requested button.

How are students assigned an Advisor?

CSRs at Student Service Centres triage emails received from planningsupport@rrc.ca. If they are unable to provide support to the student or the student requests advising support, those inquiries are directed to an advisor. The CSRs attach the advisor details to the electronic student record.

Students assigned to you will appear in a list in Advising.

You can view and provide feedback to students without being assigned as an advisor.

How do I approve or deny planned courses and course sections?

Course Plan Tab – List View

  • Ensure you have the correct term.
  • The list will display all courses completed, planned or registered for the selected term. You can approve or deny planned courses by checking the appropriate course and then select approve or deny.
  • March 15, 2021

Course Plan Tab – Calendar View

  • Ensure you have the correct term.
  • You can remove a course on left side.
  • Click on View other sections, to add or remove course sections within the calendar.

Remember: Once you have reviewed the planned courses (which will appear in yellow), click on Review Complete. This step validates the course plan has been reviewed by an advisor to the student. The Review Complete will indicate, “The review has been completed. Would you like to archive this course plan?”. Select Cancel or Archive.

When to select Cancel: If you have not made changes to the student’s plan and select cancel, it will provide verification that the course plan has been reviewed including the name of advisor and date stamp.

When to select Archive: When you have made changes to the student’s plan and select archive, it will archive your plan as a pdf document. This pdf document provides a snapshot of planned courses for each term.

How do I use Notes?

You can Compose a Note to communicate something important to a student about their academic plan. E.g. to provide an explanation of why you have changed their planned courses or to let them know if they are missing a course.

Restricted Notes – The student cannot see these notes in their plan; the institution will provide them upon request. You can use restricted notes when you wish to share a note with other advisors. E.g. Meeting with student on Mar. 3/21 to discuss academic probation. Academic plan discussed.

Remember: Notes or Restricted Notes cannot be edited or deleted once saved. Notes should be brief and related to the student’s academic plan. These notes are part of the student academic record.

What can I do in Advising if a student has registered for a course that requires a change?

Once a student has registered for a course (which will appear in green), the advisor can no longer approve or deny that course. If there are issues with a course they are registered for then it may be helpful to communicate with the student. You can use the Notes section to communicate.

A student can add or drop a course within Student Planning before classes begin or after classes have started up to the end of the add/drop period.

If the student wishes to withdraw from a course after the add/drop period, they should meet with the Chair/Coordinator first and then complete the Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form. The Chair/Coordinator signature is only required if submitted after Add/Drop deadlines for your program.

If they are having difficulty with adding or dropping a course, they should be referred to their Student Records Officer.

What reports can I access to support me with the student self-registration process?

  • ITS882 – will allow you to see what each student has planned (not registered). The report will default to EXCEL to allow for additional sorting if needed.
  • ITS443A – will allow you to see Student Registration Count by Department
  • ITS200 – report lists all student who have self-registered
  • ITS200 – use the checkbox to see those not registered
  • ITS1007 – showing number of students that have left notes. Ellucian is working on a notification to advisors/students when a note has been added.