Teaching Essentials

Tips for Presenting to SAC

10 Tips for Success

  1. Concept: What are the program details? (name, credential, length, number of terms, intakes per year, admission requirements, graduation requirements, etc.) Will these remain the same or change in CBR?
  2. Benefit: Why participate in Phase 3? Identify consultations with students, faculty and industry and describe endorsement/buy-in for CBR.
  3. Market: How will CBR impact students who may be attracted to this program? Share evidence based student and labour market forecast.
  4. Quality: Is the program aligned with RRC’s Credential Framework and does it use common terms and credit hours? Provide a side by side comparison chart to show both current course offerings and revised course offerings that fit RRC Polytech’s Credential Framework and CBR structure.
  5. Progression: Can courses be taken in any order? Are course level pre and co-requisites identified? What processes are in place to assess prior learning from industry and work experience? Which articulation, block credit and transfer credit opportunities are available and may be impacted through CBR? Will current students transition to CBR for subsequent terms?
  6. Collaboration: Does the program offer electives? Could these be shared/used in other programs? Which common courses are/could be delivered by the School of Education, Arts and Sciences? Are there opportunities for interdisciplinary experiences for students?
  7. Delivery: What innovative technology and course delivery methods are in place now or planned for implementation? Identify the work integrated learning option (co-op; work experience, clinical, practicum) and length of placement. How will you enhance course delivery to increase accessibility and flexibility?
  8. Capacity: Do you have the staffing and support needed to move to CBR? Describe additional staffing, resource and support needs (educational development, instructional design, LEARN, RPL, labour market research, space, capital requests, etc.)
  9. Risks: What are the risks in moving to CBR? What will you do to mitigate those risks?
  10. Timelines: Do course names, descriptions, hours, credit units, etc. need to change? What needs to happen and when will this be completed? Timelines for course/program changes will be set prior to student self registration.

Tips for a Good Pitch

  • Tell a good story
  • One category per slide – 10 slides maximum
  • Focus on people – make it personal
  • Show proof of your statements – back it up with data or proof you have already done some thinking or consulting on these issues