Teaching Essentials

Role of the Project Lead

Understanding the Roles

Project LeadEducational Developer
Is the Lead throughout the full CBR conversion process for their academic programsConsults and provides guidance throughout the process, particularly to the Project Lead
Participates actively in the larger CBR Working Group meetings Does not attend CBR Working Group meetings (Educational Developer Supervisor does)
Becomes familiar with the CBR Program Design Guidelines. Helps their academic area interpret and apply the Program Design Guidelines in a consistent, logical wayHas a strong understanding of the CBR Program Design Guidelines and guides their application in overall program design, curriculum and course development
Becomes familiar with the CBR Process Map and CBR Phase Four Timeline.  Develops and implements a process and timeline to move the conversion of their programs to completion within the larger timeline and budget. Is the ultimate owner and lead author of all documentation and submissions developed for CBR.Provides varying levels of interpretation and support to the Project Lead on these CBR elements:
  • Credential Framework
  • Program Design Guidelines
  • Admission and Graduation Requirements
  • Side-By-Side Course Comparison Chart
  • Student and Labour Market Forecast
  • Work Integrated Learning Options
  • Program Learning Outcomes
  • Government Submission Form
  • CBR Checklist Form
  • Curriculum Map
  • Program and Course Descriptions
  • Course delivery methods
  • Electives
  • Accreditation and articulation
Is not responsible for interpreting the Process Map and CBR Phase Four Timelines (see Chair/Dean or Project Manager).
Initiates contact with the Educational Developer and other stakeholders to begin planningMaintains effective partnership with Project Lead
Is the key liaison between Educational Developer, Academic Coordinators, Chair, Industry and CBR Working GroupIs a participant with the program area. Directs questions from stakeholders to the Project Lead where appropriate
Coordinates, sets agendas for, and leads CBR-related meetings with Educational Developer, Academic Coordinators, Chairs, and Industry as neededAttends and provides expertise and guidance in CBR-related meetings
Plays a change management role in helping faculty understand and implement the new structure and course changesPlays a change management role in helping faculty understand and implement the new structure and course changes

Triaging Your CBR Questions

If your question is…Check here first…Then go here if you need more help…
What are all the elements of CBR conversion for an academic program?View the Process MapJacqueline Wood
How do I know if we need to complete the Government Submission Form?Review the SAC Checklist
View the recording on the CBR Staff Forum site
Your Chair and Dean; reach out to Arnold Boldt as needed
How do I complete the Government Submission Form?View the recording on CBR Staff Forum siteNadine Ogborn 
Is my program in this phase of CBR?Check the list of programs on the CBR Staff Forum siteYour Chair 
What should I do about the Work Integrated Learning element of the CBR submission?Ask your Chair and Dean for the most up-to-date WIL guidelines (currently in draft)
Review samples of other approved phase III submissions on the CBR Staff Forum site to see what they have included
Discuss with your Educational Developer, Chair and Dean to develop a solution for your program
What level of depth should my CBR submission to SAC have, and how do I complete a good one?Review samples of other approved submissions to see what they have included on CBR Staff Forum siteDiscuss with Chair to get guidance
Can I see an example of another CBR presentation to SAC?Review PowerPoint presentations of other approved submissions on Staff Forum site Reach out to Educational Developer Supervisor to request tips or examples from Educational Developer team

Reach out to another Project Lead that presented to SAC
What is the timeline for all elements of Phase III programs undergoing CBR conversion?Refer to the timeline in CBR Staff Forum siteJacqueline Wood
Can I start engaging my Educational Developer in Phase 5 work even though we are in Phase 4?Jacqueline Wood and Nadine OgbornYour Chair and Dean
How do I interpret a specific element of the Program Design Guidelines that is unclear to me?Project LeadYour Chair and Dean
Your Educational Developer
What is the role of the Project Lead versus the Educational Developer?Review Roles of Project Lead and Educational Developer on CBR Staff Forum siteEducational Developer
Jacqueline Wood