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Phase III Timeline

All programs must follow the Phase III timeline to convert their programs to CBR. Please become familiar with this timeline to ensure you understand the critical deadlines for backwards planning.

Once this process is complete, CBR Phase III programs will follow Phase I and II process schedule.

Note: Due to current circumstances, dates are subject to change.

StepWhoWhatCompletion Date
1AcademicConsult with CLPE to review all new and renewing programs and work to revise to meet CBR Guidelines (including revenue generating programs purchased from other institutions).Up to 1 year prior to CBR conversion
2AcademicDevelop program framework: courses, terms, course descriptions, course credit hours and units, electives, etc. work with CLPE.Estimated time: 4-6 months
3AcademicConsult with Common courses – Communications, Math, Science to ensure built into programAt beginning and throughout development of program
4AcademicConsult with Language Training Centre for guidance on langauge admission requirementsWhen an early draft program framework is complete
5AcademicWhere required, begin completing Significant Modifications Government Application forms for all significant changes of funded program (ex. Program name change, admissions changes, significant change in program content, length etc.). Upon completion, submit to Executive Director of Academic for government package submission.Sept. – Nov.
Deadline Nov. 27, 2020
6AcademicReview the SAC checklist. Prepare and complete SAC Submission documents and pitch (presentation).Sept. – Nov.
7Project ManagerSend CBR Program Conversion Template to all CBR Phase III programs for completion.Aug. 14, 2020 (earlier upon request)
8AcademicComplete the CBR Program Conversion Template and obtain Chair and Dean’s electronic signature at the bottom of each program ensuring all program content aligns to SAC submission and CBR Guidelines. Prior to SAC submission.Sept. – Nov.
Deadline Nov. 27, 2020
9AcademicTwo weeks prior to your SAC presentation date, submit SAC documents to executive assistant in charge of SAC.

Note: If the program(s) have changed significantly, government approval will be required.
Oct. – Nov.
10AcademicPresent to SAC “THE PITCH” and submit all supporting documentation for approval. Final SAC date for grant-funded programs is Nov. 27, 2020. Final date for revenue generating programs is Dec. 11, 2020.Sept. – Dec.
11AcademicSubmission deadline for Government Approval for programs that require it.Nov. 27, 2020
12DeansAcademic area to inform CE and Regionals of all SAC approvalsDec. 1, 2020
13AcademicSend SAC Approval documentation, including the signed CBR Conversion template to Registrar’s Office (Associate Registrar). This can be done as soon as complete. All must be completed by Dec. 4, 2020.Dec. 4, 2020
14AcademicIf any changes to electives or programming occur after SAC approval, it must be shared with Executive Director, Academic for review and approval.Dec. 31, 2020
15RegistrarBuild CBR Program Structure in systems, based on approved CBR Program Conversion Template and corresponding SAC approved documents.Dec. – Jan.
16RegistrarFinalize building of program and course structure.

NOTE: Delays or course content changes or additions at this stage create significant rework in the preparation and implementation of system changes.
Jan. 31, 2021
17RegistrarSend CBR Program Conversion Template with new course codes and program information to Manager of Financial Planning.

Note: Final review by the Academic area should represent a commitment to no further changes.
Feb. 11, 2021
18RegistrarSend email to Chair of programs indicating CBR Program Structure built.Feb. 1, 2021
19AcademicOnce Chair receives email “Program Structure built”, submit Maestro request to obtain access to Course Catalogue for the Academic department designate to update course information. Receive final version of Program Structure for one last look!Feb. 2021
20RegistrarTrain academic department designate (if not already trained) on how to update courses in Catalogue Maintenance.Feb. 2021
21AcademicAcademic department designate to update course descriptions in Catalogue Maintenance. Once complete, inform Enrolment Services, who will then publish to the web.Feb. 2021
22AcademicDCU opens for Academic Coordinators to commence entering scheduling requests.Feb. 25, 2021
23Financial ServicesCalculate Credit Unit Fees and other fees for CBR Phase III Programs.Feb./Mar.
24AcademicDCU closes. All scheduling information (including instructor loads) must be entered by the Academic Coordinators by 4pm.Mar. 8, 2021
25Financial ServicesPresent Tuition and Fee Structure for CBR Phase III Programs to the CBR Working Group and CBR Steering Committee.Mar. 19 to Apr. 2
26AcademicEnd of 120 day review for Government Approval for programs submitted to government.

Note: Registrar will prepare all CBR Phase III programs based on the submissions to government under the asumption there will be government approval.
Apr. 1, 2021
27Financial ServicesPresent Tuition and Fee Structure for CBR Phase III Programs to Fee Committee.Apr. 6-10, 2021
28FinanceOnce Tuition and Fee structure approved by Fee Committee – share final approved information with Steering Committee, Working Group and Registrar’s Office.Apr. 5-11, 2021
29AcademicAll schedules to be finalized. No further changes to slot times can be accommodated.Apr. 30, 2021
30StudentsAble to view schedules on “Student Planning” (new software)May
31StudentsSelf-Registration PeriodMay/Jun. 2021