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Teaching Essentials

Course-Based Registration

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Faculty Impact

As an RRC faculty member, you may be involved in optimizing your program for CBR in the following ways:

  • Re-designing courses
  • Adapting your teaching/classroom management style to out-of-program students
  • Using LEARN in all courses

As an educational institution, we’re disrupted just as much as other sectors.

Employer and student learning needs are changing. Students are looking for greater flexibility and employers are looking for graduates with both technical and power skills.

In order to create that flexibility, we need to change the design and delivery of our programming to ensure we make education as accessible and affordable as possible.

Course-based Registration (CBR) is a new way of offering programs and courses to Red River College students, which allows them to customize their education to their own interests and needs by selecting and self-registering for their courses online.

This new model started being phased-in in fall 2019 will be completed by 2023.

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Course-Based Registration balances two aims:

  1. To make education more accessible, relevant and flexible for our students — today, tomorrow and into the future.
  2. To make program delivery more effective, consistent and sustainable for Red River College.


For students

  • Interdisciplinary courses and projects that teach students from complementary fields and disciplines how to collaborate and work together (as they would in the real world of work)
  • Increased recognition for prior learning
  • Better access to programs across the College that will allow students to satisfy their personal interests and professional requirements
  • Removal of financial barriers that will enable students to have more options to take courses part-time or pay for courses as they take them
  • Offering greater choice for students interested in upgrading or re-skilling – focusing on competencies or specific skills rather than taking an entire program
  • Better accommodation of interrupted learning: as student’s lives change, they will have greater flexibility so their pathway can change as their own personal needs change
  • Greater choice based on employer’s needs. Learners will now have more options to take necessary courses to gain a skill or competency required by their employer
  • A more robust online registration experience for students and advisors

For faculty

  • Greater flexibility for instructors interested in teaching evenings, weekends, or over the summer
  • Opportunities to help students explore multi-credentials

For Red River College

  • Common math, science and communication courses for students in complementary programs
  • Stronger alignment of roles, responsibilities, and practices
  • Greater agility in responding to changing industry and student learning needs


Contact your Chair for more information, or reach out to the Course-based Registration team at