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CBR Academic Conversion


CBR Academic Conversion is a project that renews the College’s programs to align to the broader goals of Academic Transformation. 

In the past, this was referred to as Course Based Registration (CBR). Today, we focus more on the term “conversion” because it emphasizes the process of aligning programs through a set of guidelines. 

What does a converted program look like? In addition to updated curriculum, you’ll see new communications courses common to all programs, meaningful work integrated learning elements, standardized term lengths and credit units, a self-registration experience, and where possible, shared courses across a department and a more flexible timetable. Learn more about the features ›

Academic Conversion is one project among several that will contribute to the broader and bolder vision that resides in the Academic Transformation Program.

Academic Conversion Phases

Each Phase is a set of programs that renew and convert at the same time. Phases run approximately 15-18 months, leading to program launch in the Fall of the following year. 

The College launched Phase 1 in 2019 and has rolled out a new Phase each year thereafter. 

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Each Phase has its own charter and mandate that iterates on the successes and lessons learned from prior Phases. 

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