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Teaching Essentials

Classroom Workshops


There are several in-class workshops available for student cohorts at the request of faculty.

Workshop options include study skills, writing skills and technology literacy skills. The Library also offers workshops on library instruction and copyright.

We encourage you to contact our staff to book workshops for your students and then attend the sessions to foster an enriching learning experience for your students.


Diversity Training

Red River College offers diversity training to students to support the development of their intercultural competence and enhance their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity.

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Hybrid LEARNing Modules

The Academic Success Centre and Library have developed a suite of Hybrid LEARNing Modules on topics such as Technology Literacy, Professional Communication, Reading Strategies and Time Management.

These modules feature self-directed tutorials in LEARN and optional facilitated live sessions via Webex or Microsoft Teams.

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Study Skills

Active Learning Strategies 

This workshop explores time-tested study tips to increase understanding and ability to recall course material. Students will be encouraged to try strategies as they learn and recall the valuable knowledge and skills shared with them.

Habits of Successful Students

This workshop underscores college habits that boost your academic performance. Students will learn evidence-based habits of successful students and be challenged to integrate skills into their own study routine.

Effective Note-Taking

This workshop highlights the purpose and benefits of active listening for effective note-taking. Students will practice one of three note-taking systems introduced during the session and will walk-away with strategies they can employ before, during, and after taking notes.

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Writing Skills

This workshop focuses on the pre-writing, writing and re-writing stages of academic and professional communications including: analyzing assignment instructions, scheduling the steps for the academic writing process, researching, organizing ideas, editing, and writing APA citations.

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