Teaching Essentials

Classroom Workshops


There are several in-class workshops available for student cohorts at the request of faculty.

Workshop options include study skills, writing skills and technology literacy skills. The Library also offers workshops on library instruction and copyright.

We encourage you to contact our staff to book workshops for your students and then attend the sessions to foster an enriching learning experience for your students.


Diversity Training

Red River College Polytechnic offers diversity training to students to support the development of their intercultural competence, enhance their understanding and respect for gender and sexual diversity, and foster their acknowledgement on how racism has shaped our thinking and actions and how we can speak out against racism and systemic barriers.

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Hybrid LEARNing Modules

The Academic Success Centre and Library have developed a suite of Hybrid LEARNing Modules on topics such as Technology Literacy, Professional Communication, Reading Strategies and Time Management.

These modules feature self-directed tutorials in LEARN and optional facilitated live sessions via Webex or Microsoft Teams.

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Mental Health

As part of the Healthy Minds Healthy College strategy, RRC Polytech offers several mental health workshops on a variety of topics.

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Academic Skills Workshops

Staff at the Academic Success Centre (ASC) are available to deliver study skills workshops to your classes. Each workshop guides students through active learning strategies needed for success at college. All workshops are designed to be student-centered and interactive, and are best delivered when modified to suit the specific needs of RRC Polytech programs. We encourage the instructors’ presence to help contextualize the content of the workshops as they relate to their courses. Please book well in advance to ensure ASC staff have time to modify workshop plans to suit your program’s current needs.

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Writing Skills

This workshop focuses on the pre-writing, writing and re-writing stages of academic and professional communications including: analyzing assignment instructions, scheduling the steps for the academic writing process, researching, organizing ideas, editing, and writing APA citations.

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