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RRC Polytech Glossary

The RRC Polytech Glossary is an official list of terms and language used at Red River College Polytechnic. Explanations and clarifications are provided to promote consistent use and application across the College.

RRC Polytech Glossary Update Requests

A review of the RRC Polytech Glossary will occur semi-annually in April and October. Proposed updates, changes or additions to the RRC Polytech Glossary will be received, validated and then presented to Senior Academic Committee (SAC) for approval. Approved changes to the RRC Polytech Glossary will be in June and December of each year.

Glossary update submissions are required by April 15 and October 15. Please share your suggestions for additions, deletions or updates to the glossary with your Dean or Director before completing the online submission.

If you have any questions, please email Academic Quality at AQ-RPL@rrc.ca.

RRC Polytech Glossary Updates

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