Teaching Essentials



Micro-credential: a certification of assessed learning that is additional, alternate, complementary to or a formal component of a formal qualification.

Digital Badge: a visual image that communicates the verified achievement of learning, skills and/or competencies, often representing the completion of a micro-credential. Digital badges can be embedded with metadata, which contain information about the credential and provide supporting evidence about how it was assessed and earned.

Guiding Principles

  1. Micro-credentials delivered and endorsed by Red River College Polytechnic are governed by RRC Polytech Academic Polices and aligned with the College’s Credential Qualification Framework.
    • adhere to prescribed guidelines to ensure relevance and quality in design, delivery and assessment 
    • include the six Quality Dimensions for Connected Credentials transparency, modularity, portability, relevance, validity, and equity (American Council on Education) 
  2. Micro-credentials represent and verify mastery of a specific skill or competence.
    • use learning outcomes to clearly define skill or competence
    • use rigorous, flexible and authentic assessment methods
  3. Micro-credentials are developed in response to needs of stakeholders including employers, industry and/or the community.
    • meet industry/sector standards and are recognized and endorsed by relevant stakeholders
    • promote connections and partnerships with employers and industry
  4. Micro-credentials are unique offerings and do not replicate a College course.
    • are units smaller/shorter than a College course
    • may be a subset of skills/competencies currently offered
  5. Micro-credentials are portable and stackable records of learning.
    • stand-alone as credentials and/or form part of an educational pathway
    • encourage recruitment, upskilling and career enhancement
  6. Micro-credentials are represented by a digital badge that is sharable.
    • contains meta-data and is linked to Red River College Polytechnic

Micro-credential Guiding Principles were approved by Senior Academic Committee January 15, 2021.

Micro-credential Resources