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Course Outline Template

The Course Outline is an official document that ensures students receive accurate and up-to-date information regarding course content, course requirements, and course expectations.

The Course Outline Template includes standard information such as a Land Acknowledgment, an Academic Integrity statement, a Recognition of Prior Learning statement and a Mental Health and Wellbeing section with resource links. 

College Policy A5 – Course Outlines states that a Course Outline will be prepared for every course offered at Red River College Polytechnic. It will conform to the standardized template adopted by the Senior Academic Committee.

All Course Outlines must be approved by the department Chair or Program Manager. Once approved, changes can be made only to the following sections prior to each delivery of the course without the need for re-approval: Instructor Information; Instructional Schedule; Important Dates; Acknowledgments; Additional Information/Frequently Asked Questions.

When you are ready to update your course outline, please read the instruction sheet, go to the Course Outline Repository, and download the Course Outline Template. This ensures you are using the most current template to ensure information and links provided for students are up to date and accurate.

Course Outline Template – Update Requests

A review of the Course Outline Template will occur annually in March. Submissions requesting changes and updates to the template will be received, validated and then presented to Senior Academic Committee (SAC) for approval.

Course outline template update submissions are required by March 15. Please share your suggestions for additions, deletions or updates to the course outline template with your Dean or Director before completing the online submission below.

Submissions will be validated and included as an agenda item for the SAC meeting in April.

An updated and approved Course Outline Template should be available in May for use in the upcoming academic year.

If you have any questions, please email Academic Quality with your questions.

Course Outline Update Requests

Course Outline Template – Update Request

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