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Professional Development Opportunities

MAIN Speaker Series

The Manitoba Academic Integrity Network is excited to present a series of six professional development opportunities related to academic integrity

  • All sessions will be delivered virtually through Zoom.
  • A PDF “Certificate of Completion” will be emailed to those who complete all six sessions in this series.
  • Information on session titles, presenters, dates and times is available below.
  • Please visit the MAIN Speaker Series registration page to view full session abstracts and register for sessions.

Creating engaging and authentic assessments online: Considerations for emerging practice

Presenter: Jason Openo, Medicine Hat College and University of Alberta
Date: October 4, 2021
Time: 10am – 11am, CST

Prevent academic misconduct and educate for academic integrity? Three approaches that do both

Presenters: Dr. Cheryl Kier, Athabasca University; Lisa Vogt, Red River College; Dr. Susan Bens, University of Saskatchewan
Date: October 12, 2021
Time: 12pm – 1pm, CST

Contract cheating: Identifying and addressing outsourced academic student work

Presenter: Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, University of Calgary
Date: October 20, 2021
Time: 9am – 10am, CST

But prof … I don’t know what other words to use!: Challenges & questions for instructors and students

Presenter: Claudius Soodeen, Red River College Polytechnic and University of Winnipeg
Date: January 12, 2022
Time: 10am – 11am, CST

Murky waters of academic file-sharing

Presenters: Dr. Brenda M. Stoesz, University of Manitoba; Josh Seeland, Assiniboine Community College
Date: February 23, 2022
Time: 10am – 11am, CST

Empowering faculty to address low-level forms of academic misconduct

Presenters: Dr. Heidi Marx, University of Manitoba; Greg Sobie, University of Manitoba; Caitlin Munn, Assiniboine Community College
Date: March 18, 2022
Time: 11:30 am – 12:30pm CST

Please visit the MAIN Speaker Series registration page to view full session abstracts and register for sessions.

Webinar Recordings

Promoting Academic Integrity in Remote Learning

Watch: Promoting Academic Integrity in Remote Learning

Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) Collaboration
Presented by Brenda Stoesz, Josh Seeland and Lisa Vogt

In this session, strategies to educate students about academic integrity in remote and online teaching and learning environments are discussed, as well as methods to prevent academic misconduct and spot and report misconduct when it is suspected. By fostering best practices to support student learning, instructors can promote academic integrity in their courses.

Academic File Sharing and Contract Cheating

Watch: Academic file-sharing and contract cheating: Navigating the slippery slope

Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) Collaboration

Dr. Brenda M. Stoesz (University of Manitoba), Josh Seeland (Assiniboine Community College), and Lisa Vogt (Red River College) explain file-sharing and contract cheating practices among students, and how to address these practices from an academic integrity perspective. This presentation precedes the 5th annual International Day of Action Against Contract Cheating held on October 21, 2020. 

RRC Faculty Development Session – November 2020

Watch: Academic Integrity

Presented by Claudius Soodeen, Jo-Anne Spencer and Lisa Vogt

This session explores the role you as an instructor have in academic integrity as well as strategies that you can implement immediately to increase academic integrity in your course and program. The common reasons why students cheat, plagiarize, and commit other breaches of academic integrity will be explored.

Creating a Culture of Equity in Academic Integrity

Watch: Creating a Culture of Equity in Academic Integrity: Best Practices for Teaching and Learning

Hosted by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary

Presented by Ceceilia Parnther

This session will review inequitable practices related to academic integrity. These practices threaten to undermine the vital work of celebrating and affirming a diverse academic community. This presentation will consider the ramifications for students, teachers, and researchers, and offer research-based solutions to refine current approaches to teaching and upholding academic integrity.  

Indigenous Paradigms in Practice

Watch: Indigenous Paradigms in Practice: Relationships, Story and Academic Integrity 

Hosted by the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary

Presented by Keeta Gladue

Indigenous peoples are diverse distinct nations who carry the knowledge of millennia. As Indigenous peoples we know that knowledge must be authentic, validated, and shared through principled action. Join us as we discuss the paradigms and principles of academic integrity based on the values of our Communities. Providing the philosophical and the practical, this webinar is designed to explore Indigenous approaches to knowledge for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the post-secondary community.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify specific themes and principles of Indigenous paradigms.
  • Gain insight and examples of Indigenous paradigms in practice.
  • Demonstrate concrete knowledge on the differences between decolonization and Indigenization in the academy.

Academic Integrity Inter-Institutional Meeting (AIIIM)