Teaching Essentials

Classrooms are evolving

The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence is here to help guide you along the journey to make your courses and material as effective as possible.

Flexible Online Delivery Model

Outlining how to develop and deliver RRC Polytech programs and courses following the goals, guiding principles and standards required.

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Course-Based Registration

A new way of offering programs and courses to RRC Polytech students, which allows them to customize their education to their own interests and needs.

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Learning Technologies

Helping adapt and integrate diverse technologies to enhance teaching and increase the ways students can access the curricula of RRC Polytech.

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Setting the standard

Red River College Polytechnic is known for its high-quality education. Find out how to ensure your courses and your students hit those high marks.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Individuals can obtain credit for college-level knowledge and skills gained through work and life and/or through other educational programs.

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Academic Quality

We provide advice, guidance, and coordination of activities relating to academic quality assurance and academic quality enhancement.

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Educational Development

We strive for curriculum excellence through continuous enhancement and improvement of all programs at Red River College Polytechnic.

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Math, Science, and Communication

Courses that support essential skills are getting a refresh alongside the CBR renewal process. Find out more about how the two projects are working to improve students’ human skills.

Human Skills

Projects aiming to improve students’ human skills through math and communication courses.

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Communication Skills

Fostering a common and consistent approach to the teaching and learning of communication at the College

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Thinking Mathematically

Working to improve student math thinking ability and increase math retention rates at the College.

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