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Recycling a water bottle

The Sustainability Office operates across administrative and academic areas of the College and is responsible for promoting a culture of sustainability among staff, students and faculty. We regularly have new projects on the go and are constantly working to implement, coordinate and advance existing and emerging programs and initiatives.

Our office is a hub that engages the college community through programming, events, and communications. We’re grateful for the campus and community partners we work with to advance our collective sustainability journey.

In teaching, research, campus operations, and our connection to community, we’re proud of our widespread and deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. RRC’s Strategic Plan guides the College’s direction and charts our path at the highest level of the organization.

Our team works across administrative and academic areas to implement, coordinate, support, spearhead and celebrate programs and initiatives.

Staff-specific Programs

Office Recycling

Desk-side recycling and mini garbage bin

Most workstations have a deskside recycling bin with a mini garbage bin attached. Keeping the garbage bin smaller than the recycling bin helps make recycling your first thought.

The deskside recycling bins are for paper, boxboard (cereal boxes, tissue boxes, etc.), newspaper, magazines and flyers (even the glossy ones)! When the bin gets full, we ask all staff to empty their deskside recycling bin into central office recycling bins or hallway recycling bins.

When the mini garbage bin gets full, we ask all staff to empty their mini garbage bin into central office garbage bins.

Need a deskside recycling bin or mini garbage bin? Questions about office recycling? Contact the Zero Waste Coordinator.

Confidential Document Shredding

Many office areas have secure shredding bins for documents that contain confidential or personal information, such as financial or medical records. These documents are securely shredded and recycled by Iron Mountain, our contracted shredding service provider.

Shredding Console

Depending on your needs, there are two options for shredding bins:

Shredding Console

Shredding consoles are permanent bins that remain in one location and are shared by multiple offices and/or departments. The collection dates are posted on the consoles. NDC has monthly collection, Stevenson Winnipeg has bi-weekly collection and EDC, Portage, Interlake, Steinbach and Winkler have on-call service. Contact the Zero Waste Coordinator to find a bin near you.

Shredding Tote (Rolling Exam Bin)

Shredding totes are for temporary shredding needs or large volumes of material, such as office clean-ups, moves or exam purges. Please note that these bins are subject to availability.

Shredding Tote

Please do not put cardboard, books, binders, transparencies, X-rays, microfiche, computer CDs / DVDs / USB sticks, packing material or plastic bags in the shredding bins.

Questions about the shredding program? Contact the Zero Waste Coordinator.

Personal Shredders

Note that personal shredders should not be used on campus. The College has contracted a professional shredding service provider to manage destruction of confidential documents. The service provider is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID), which means they must comply with strict regulations and procedures for their employees, facilities and equipment. Documents are securely shredded in accordance with all privacy regulations.


To have used or unused toner collected from your location, please contact the Zero Waste Coordinator.


Electronic waste, also known as e-waste, includes all electrical or electronic materials that have reached their end of life. This includes anything from monitors to electric pencil sharpeners (see a full list)! When these items are not discarded properly, they can leak toxic chemicals into the environment. Our e-waste program aims to ensure that these items are disposed of safely and accordingly by the EPRA to make sure these items stay out of the landfill. Here is how to dispose of your items:

IT Equipment: College-Owned

If your item has an asset tag and is considered IT equipment such as monitors and laptops, please fill out a Case Log here.

College Assets

If your item is not considered IT equipment but has an asset tag such as fridges and microwaves, please contact Materials Management at 204-632-3798.

Confidential Media

Confidential media stores personal, confidential, proprietary, or sensitive data. This type of media includes USB sticks, external hard drives, DVDs, CDs, diskettes and used printer ribbons. If you have confidential media waste, please contact ITS at 204-632-2041.

General E-waste

For all other e-waste items from your office such as VHS tapes and computer accessories, the Recycling Team can be called to come pick it up. For large office and home purges, we host two e-waste drives during the year. One is in April for Earth Week, and the second in October for Waste Reduction Week. This is the time to clean out your office and bring in all those unfixable items from home, and drop them off at a designated drop-off location! See a complete list of e-waste materials we can take off your hands.

If you are from a regional campus, a list of the closest EPRA drop-off locations are below:

Portage La Prairie
  • Gateway Resources
  • Pembina Valley Containers
    160 Grant Ave.
    Morden, Manitoba R6M 1Y4
  • Steinbach Eastman Recycling
    60 Industrial Rd.
    Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1X1
  • RM of Desalaberry
    Berard Rd.
    St. Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba R0A 1V0
  • Staples *not a full collection site
    1026 Manitoba Ave.
    Selkirk, Manitoba R1A 4M2