Teaching Essentials Program Registration

The Teaching Essentials Program (TEP) is part of a multi-faced approach to onboarding at Red River College Polytechnic. This three-day workshop is designed to equip new faculty members to be confident, well prepared and comfortable in their role as an Instructor.

Specific goals of the TEP include:

  1. Assist in the transition from industry or business to new roles as instructors in an educational environment.
  2. Provide opportunities for new faculty to be socialized into the college setting and become familiar with the procedures and policies that impact college, program and classroom cultures.
  3. Assist new instructors in the development of pedagogical skills.

Next Session

Chairs and Managers can register faculty for the next TEP session on August 23-25, 2022. Registration closes Friday, August 5. Instructors may not self-register.

Teaching Essentials Program Registration

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I understand this seat cannot be held for anticipated hires and this instructor must be fully in the IT system (ie. College-issued email address and log-in credentials) one week before the session. If not, they will need to attend a future TEP offering. *
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