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Teaching Essentials Program


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The next session is happening December 14-16, 2021.

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The Teaching Essentials Program (TEP) is part of a multifaceted approach to institutional on-boarding. The 3-day program is designed to equip new faculty members to be confident, well prepared, and comfortable in their new role as an instructor at Red River College Polytechnic.

Overall goals of RRC Polytech new faculty programs:

  1. Assist in the transition from industry or business to new roles as instructors in an educational environment.
  2. Provide opportunities for new faculty to be socialized into the college setting and become familiar with the procedures and policies that impact college, program and classroom cultures.
  3. Assist new instructors in the development of pedagogical skills.

Specifically, this 3-day program focuses on introducing essential teaching and learning methodologies/skills to new instructors, such as:

  • plan and organize for instruction
  • communicate effectively and manage the learning environment
  • identify and apply instructional technologies,
  • consider learning styles and teaching strategies in planning
  • assess and evaluate student performance
  • self-reflect on teaching practice

Research shows that effective new faculty orientation programs contribute to teacher retention rates, smooth the transition into the teaching profession, foster emotional development and job satisfaction, improve pedagogical practice, and most importantly increase student achievement through improved teaching performance.

The intent of the Teaching Essentials Program is that instructors will participate prior to any teaching assignments. In addition to participation in this program, it is expected that new instructors will work with a mentor within their own department, attend a New Employee Orientation, begin formal training, as well as participate in faculty development sessions as appropriate to further develop their effectiveness in the classroom.

Program Format

This three-day workshop is delivered using both synchronous (i.e. live with facilitators using Microsoft Teams) and asynchronous (i.e. independent participant reading and activities) approaches.

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