New Employee Orientation


As part of Red River College Polytechnic’s commitment to onboarding, we provide two half-day online orientation sessions for all new employees four times a year. This orientation is an essential component of the RRC Polytech new employee onboarding process. If you recently missed a previous orientation, please sign up for the next one.

As a new member of the Red River College Polytechnic team, making new hires feel welcome and informed is important to us. Onboarding begins with an invitation to attend the New Employee Orientation. This session provides important information to help new hires acclimatize, navigate and locate important information.


Sessions begin with a virtual in-person welcome followed by time for participants to complete the self-directed learning and self-reflection components.


  • Greetings and a special message from our President and CEO
  • An opportunity to connect with others new to RRC Polytech
  • An overview of the RRC Polytech Strategic Plan and how it connects to you
  • An opportunity to hear from one of our Elders in the Indigenous Centre
  • Links to virtual tours
  • A virtual treasure hunt to help you learn about important RRC Polytech information
  • Important information about services for students
  • Plus, the chance to ask all those questions you need answered

Note: Watch a recent orientation online, courtesy of eTV.

You can view by presenter – simply click on the circle with three lines in the bottom-right corner. This will bring up the chapters for the presentation (President’s Address, Human Resources, Sustainability, RRC Polytech Overview etc.).