Onboarding Process Checklist

Pre-Boarding (Before Employee Start Day)

Logistic Set Up

  1. Maestro requests:
  2. IT Service Desk ( or 204-632-2125)
    • Requests for computer hardware not submitted through the Maestro Resource Request – Activate Employee with Multiple Resources
    • Mobile phone or Land Line
    • Any questions pertaining to the set-up of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  1. Case logs
    • Access to ITS reports
    • Shared calendar access (if required)
  1. Procure office supplies as needed
  2. Designate a workspace for employee and ensure technological hardware is set up prior to employee start date
  3. Confirm new employee email account is created and share information on inclusive email signatures
  4. Add new employee to calendar invites mailing lists, and teams
  5. Organize a welcome huddle if appropriate with the team
  6. Prepare a welcome package of important information to review with the employee
  7. Prepare a rough schedule for new employee’s first week on the job (e.g. book meeting with important stakeholders)

Welcome Emails

  1. Send an email to the team highlighting the new employee’s name, pronouns (if known), start date, job title, brief bio, and a brief description of what they will be responsible for.
  2. Send an email to the new employee welcoming them to the team and share important information (e.g. Parking Information, Eco pass, instructions to obtain ID card, RRC Polytech Navigation Maps, names of key team members)

First Day On The Job

Employee Onboarding

  1. Conduct meet and greet with colleagues
  2. Add new hires to regular team meetings
  3. Ensure the employee has received an ID card
  4. Add employee to relevant MS Teams channels
  5. Help map new employee to printer and network drive(s)
  6. Submit Case Logs for any relevant reporting access
  7. Discuss safety and emergency evacuation protocols (let the employee know they can request an Accessible Emergency Response Plan if required)
  8. Review attendance entry system and how to record entries (review sick leave, vacation, overtime etc.)
  9. Explain how to schedule internal meetings and book conference rooms (provide conference room numbers for ease of reference)
  10. Discuss start and end times typical for department
  11. Confirm probationary review period (based on contract)

Logistical Set Up

  1. Ensure monitor, laptop and phone is set up with no issues (request mobile device if applicable)
  2. Provide direction to set up VPN (or apply for VPN)
  3. Tour important internal websites such as Staff Forum, HUB, Maestro, Learn, Payments and Profiles, RRC Polytech Reporting, Forms etc.
  4. Ensure accommodation needs are discussed and met
  5. Connect the employee with a colleague/buddy to tour the Campus. For example:
    • Cafeteria and break areas
    • Nearest washrooms (including gender-neutral and accessible options)
    • Conference rooms
    • Reflection rooms

First Week On The Job

Help Set Up New Employee For Success

  1. Review RRC Polytech’s Strategic Plan
  2. Review departmental culture
  3. Review organizational charts, job description and relevant business plans/strategies
  4. Review Collective Bargaining Agreement (if applicable)
    • If position is excluded review Terms of Condition from offer letter
  5. Complete conflict of interest form on Maestro (MP072)
  6. Complete employee equity self-identification
  7. Confirm that employee has received and reviewed relevant policies and procedures
  8. Discuss organizations commitment towards equity, diversity, and inclusion as well as reconciliation. Share information on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and the EDI Corporate Action Plan
  9. Request an ergonomics assessment if required
  10. Discuss employee supports available at RRC Polytech (i.e., Mental Health Coordinator, Elders in Residence, Employee and Family Assistance Plan)
  11. Discuss clear expectations for employee performance for the first week, month, and 3 months.
  12. Arrange for regular 1:1 with employee and agree upon a frequency that is comfortable for both parties
  13. Discuss your management style and expectations
  14. Provide information to the new employee to complete required online training on Learn (i.e. 4 Seasons Reconciliation, Anti-Racism: A Journey to Allyship, Respectful College, WHMIS, Customer Service, Employee Safety Training, Security Training (Phishing Awareness), Ethics for Leaders – dependent on position.)
  15. Register for New Employee Orientation
  16. Connect employee with Human Resource Services or Pay and Benefits if they have questions
  17. Ensure to check in with your new employee daily for the first week

First Month On The Job

Follow Up On Employee Onboarding

  1. Check-in with the employee on how things are going (suggested questions included below)
    • How is it going? How do you feel about your new job?
    • What are you enjoying most about your role?
    • Is the job/team/company what you expected?
    • Has anything surprised you? If so, what?
    • Has training been helpful?
    • Do you have all the tools and resources that you need?
    • Do you feel like you have gotten to know your co-workers well?
    • Do you feel out of the loop about anything?
    • What is working/what is not working?
    • Is anything about your role, the team or company still unclear?
    • As your manager, what can I do to make your transition easier?
  2. Provide feedback for the employee on their first month
  3. Review employee progress on required training
  4. Set clear performance goals
  5. Check if the employee has met with key stakeholders/customer groups
  6. Schedule an informal performance support conversation (3 and 6 months ahead)
  7. Discuss employee’s professional development and career goals