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Marketing Toolkit

The communications elements used to convey Red River College’s identity help to define its organizational image and brand — the way in which RRC is perceived.

We’ve put together a collection of some of our most frequently used assets so you can get familiarized with the Red River College visual identity and brand. They provide a reference point for the creative production of external marketing materials, as well as formal internal communications, such as reports and correspondence.

Brand Book

Red River College’s Brand Book is a resource of guidelines and policies relating to our public image.

Consistent messaging is key to upholding our brand integrity, therefore all visuals, communications and marketing materials must reflect the same values.



The Red River College logomark should always be used prominently on all RRC materials — both internal and external — in one of its approved variations.


Red River College colours convey brightness, youth, and progressiveness. There is a primary colour palette containing very saturated colors, a secondary palette containing more subdued colours, and a grey palette. All of the colours have been selected specifically for their design versatility.

Turkey DarkHEX: #047079RGB: 4 112 121CMYK: 89 41 46 13
TurkeyHEX: #00A3B4RGB: 0 163 180CMYK: 90 10 30 0
Turkey LightHEX: #97C9CBRGB: 151 201 203CMYK: 40 7 20 0
Limea DarkHEX: #6EA34DRGB: 110 163 77CMYK: 55 5 86 15
LimeaHEX: #92BB3ERGB: 146 187 62CMYK: 49 7 100 0
Limea LightHEX: #BBCF73RGB: 187 207 115CMYK: 30 5 70 0
Yell-Oh DarkHEX: #D0B929RGB: 208 185 41CMYK: 20 20 100 1
Yell-OhHEX: #EBD119RGB: 235 209 25CMYK: 10 12 100 0
Yell-Oh LightHEX: #ECE6AARGB: 236 230 70CMYK: 8 4 40 0
Orangi DarkHEX: #BE4026 RGB: 190 64 38CMYK: 18 88 100 8
OrangiHEX: #F26130RGB: 242 97 48CMYK: 0 77 91 0
Orangi LightHEX: #F8962CRGB: 248 150 44CMYK: 0 49 93 0
Rougenta DarkHEX: #C81F45RGB: 200 31 69CMYK: 15 100 71 4
RougentaHEX: #ED1847RGB: 237 24 71CMYK: 0 100 70 0
Rougenta LightHEX: #E57378RGB: 229 115 120CMYK: 6 68 42 0
GrapefruitHEX: #EC008CRGB: 236 0 140CMYK: 0 100 0 0
Frozen Turkey DarkHEX: #5F91A0RGB: 95 145 160CMYK: 67 33 32 0
Frozen TurkeyHEX: #80ACBCRGB: 128 172 188CMYK: 51 21 20 0
Frozen Turkey LightHEX: #CBE7F9RGB: 203 231 249CMYK: 18 2 0 0
Murple DarkHEX: #6680B5RGB: 102 128 181CMYK: 65 47 7 0
MurpleHEX: #95A8ECRGB: 149 168 206CMYK: 42 27 4 0
Murple LightHEX: #BCC7DFRGB: 188 199 223CMYK: 25 16 3 0
Vertea DarkHEX: #639E6CRGB: 99 158 108CMYK: 65 19 72 2
VerteaHEX: #86BA7CRGB: 134 186 124CMYK: 51 8 66 0
Vertea LightHEX: #A1D183RGB: 161 209 131CMYK: 40 0 64 0
Verta Extra LightHEX: #B9CEB7RGB: 185 206 183CMYK: 28 9 31 0
Greyn DarkHEX: #7C878FRGB: 124 135 143CMYK: 55 40 36 4
GreynHEX: #A5ACB1RGB: 165 172 177CMYK: 37 26 25 0
Greyn LightHEX: #C5CED2RGB: 197 206 210CMYK: 22 13 13 0
Greyn Extra LightHEX: #E2E7EARGB: 226 231 234CMYK: 10 5 5 0


Colour Palette (for Adobe software)

Photos and Imagery

We use photos of people having candid interactions and primarily focus on moments where the subjects are not acknowledging the camera. You can view our entire library of photos on Flickr.

Taking photos in a classroom or at a private event for marketing purposes? Use our Photo Consent and Release form to get permission from participants.


For external communication purposes, the primary typeface that should be used in creating documents is Interstate, while Arial, Calibri and Times New Roman have been selected as approved College fonts for general communication.

To find out more about typography choices, see the Brand Book.

Email Signatures

The following email signature format should be used when sending messages from a Red River College account.

In lieu of logos, taglines or other graphics, the College’s Marketing department recommends that email signatures be accompanied by a land acknowledgement, gender pronouns, or both.

Your Name, Your Title
Your Department

Red River College
Your Office Address
City, MB

[optional gender pronouns]
[optional land acknowledgement]

See examples of gender pronouns

Xe (pronounced zee)Xem (pronounced zem)Xyrs (pronounced zeres)
Ze (pronounced zee)Hir (pronounced here)Hirs (pronounced heres)

See sample land acknowledgement statement

We respectfully recognize that Red River College campuses are located on original lands of Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dakota and Dene peoples, and on the homeland of the Métis Nation.

Ways to make your signature more accessible

  • Use sans-serif fonts (e.g. Arial, Verdana, Calibri)
  • Avoid “thin” fonts (e.g., Calibri Light)
  • Avoid italics
  • Use a minimum of 12 point font
  • Use hyperlinks rather than full web addresses (e.g. Student Service Centres instead of
  • Minimum contrast ratio of 4.5:1 (you can check contrast ratios using a free tool)
  • Use a white background and refrain from using a patterned background

Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams and Zoom Meetings

The following backgrounds are for use in Microsoft Teams and Zoom meetings. Right-click to save the image and then follow the instructions for Zoom or Microsoft Teams (below).

Note: When used as backgrounds, the images may appear reversed on your desktop, but will display correctly to others in your meeting.

Microsoft Teams

Step 1:

  • Windows: Copy your custom background into this folder:
    • C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams\Backgrounds\Uploads
  • macOS: In macOS, select “Go to Folder” from the “Go” menu in Finder. Copy and paste the folder address below and press “Go”. The “Uploads” folder will open and you can drop your background in it.
    • ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Backgrounds/Uploads

Step 2:

  • During your next Teams meeting, click on the icon with three dots in the menu bar, then click on “Show background effects”, and then select the new background.

Letterhead Template

Use this letterhead template for official correspondence.

Report Template

Use this template for internal and external reports, or presentations.

PowerPoint Templates

Red River College

Use this PowerPoint template when making a presentation on behalf of the College:

School of Indigenous Education

Use these PowerPoint templates when making a presentation on behalf of the School of Indigenous Education.

Mobile Video Production Guidelines

See production tips and guidelines for creating short-form video content intended for social media streams such as Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

See the guidelines ›

Video Bumpers

Apply these bumpers at the beginning and end of your independent video production for a duration of eight seconds.

Directional Signage Templates

Use these directional signage templates when hosting events on campus to make it easy for your guests to find the location of the room.

Templates available include:

College and Departments

Interest Areas

General Signage

Use these signs in classrooms, labs and hallways to convey messages to students, staff and visitors.

For custom signs, please fill out a marketing request.