Professional Studio Head Shots

Many College leaders require professional head shots for use on websites or other applications. In the past, the Marketing team has done its best to accommodate these requests via longer photo sessions for multiple subjects, but it’s often not possible to find times that work for everyone’s schedule. And since these sessions typically require backdrops, professional lighting and the use of a larger space, they can also be time-consuming, costly and difficult to coordinate.

As an alternative to future on-site sessions, the College has struck a standing agreement with Artistic Impressions, a photography studio located at 1895 Portage Ave.

Process and Billing

To arrange for a studio head shot, simply contact Artistic Impressions Photography by phone at 204.831.8310 or email and book a time that is convenient for you. Identify yourself as an RRC Polytech employee, and reference the College’s standing agreement for head shots. Your session will take approximately 10 minutes, so it can be booked on your way to or from work, or at any point throughout the day.

No payment or paperwork will be required at the end of the session. Artistic Impressions will send the photos and invoice directly to RRC Polytech’s Marketing team, who will code the invoice to the appropriate budget. You will be given the opportunity to select your preferred shot from a selection provided, at which point we will move ahead with final touch-ups and processing.

Directions and Parking

The Artistic Impressions studio is located at 1895 Portage Ave., on the north side at the corner of Inglewood St. Free parking is available on Portage Ave. and Inglewood St.

Preferred Attire

Please wear professional attire that is appropriate to your position at the College. Avoid clothing with strong patterns (small dots, multi-coloured stripes, etc.), or with any kind of logos or writing.


If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the above, please contact