Hiring Process

The Hiring Form is a tool for managers to communicate employee maintenance to Human Resources.

For questions about the hiring process, please contact your Human Resource Consultant.

Duplicate Hiring Form

If you have other positions to hire with the same position information, you may use this option to start a copy of this Hiring Form.

How to use:

  • Check the box to start a copy.
  • After checking the box and clicking start, you will receive an email with a copy of the hiring form.
  • All position information from this Hiring Form will populate into the copy. There will be no specific employee information on the copy.
  • The copy will be sent to the Hiring Manager to fill in the employee information

Do not use the copy feature if you are changing the position ID or FSA number in the Hiring Form copy. Information for the position is based on the position ID. 

In your MAESTRO history, you will see the process name with only the position title. Click on MY WORK PROCESSES (top left corner) to see if you have any outstanding step or copies of Hiring Processes that you have not finalized.

Computer Resources Help

Computer Resources is a process to notify ITS of computer requirements for hired employees. Due to lead time in purchase, this is only a notification process. Approval of the request will still be required.

  • Special order computer purchases can require 6-8 weeks lead time.
  • Laptop computers can take 4-6 days to set up when the laptop is in storage.
  • Monitor can take 1-2 weeks to be delivered.

Please advise if the position will require any computer resources assigned once hiring process has been completed.

All hired staff require logon credenitals prior to being assigned computer assets. This happens after the Pay and Benefit Staff have completed there task to set up the hired colleague account.

Hiring Managers will receive a new task to request resources such as:

  • Desk Phone
  • VPN
  • Software, such as Colleague
  • Shared Drives
  • Team Site Access
  • VPN Account
  • Keys

All Hiring Managers, need to fill in the “Resource Request – Employee” task that will be sent to your RRC Polytech email account.

If Client Services has any questions they will contact you regarding the Computer request.