Medical Accommodation

Return to Work / Accommodation Plan

A formal medical accommodation under the Duty to Accommodate may be required when an employee experiences a health related physical or mental disability as defined under the Manitoba Human Rights Act.

Once satisfactory medical and other supporting documentation has been received and a suitable accommodation option has been identified – management will discuss the details of the plan with the employee and finalize the return to work / accommodation plan.

Human Resources Consultants (HRC) and the Supportive Employment Consultant (SEC) are available to assist the employee and management with any supportive employment planning activities including identifying relevant resources, aides, supports, benefits, duties or positions that can further facilitate the return to work / accommodation planning process.

Return to work / accommodation plan details should be communicated to the employee, ideally in writing (via memorandum, formal letter or email) by outlining: 

  • the start date;
  • confirmation of restrictions and/or limitations (if any);
  • modified or alternate work duties;
  • scheduled hours of work;
  • any expectations (ex. medical updates after appointments and reporting of any worsening of symptoms as well as any accommodation concerns); 
  • intervals (i.e. weekly or bi-weekly) or a date for follow up discussions on the accommodation, progress and next steps;
  • supervisor contact information (if different);
  • any timekeeping/time coding considerations.

The documented return to work / accommodation plan should also be provided to the Human Resource Consultant (HRC), the respective Pay and Benefits Specialist (PBS) and the Supportive Employment Consultant (SEC) to be placed on both the employee personnel file and the employee medical file. The documented plan must also be provided to any external benefit providers involved such as WCB, MPI, LTD if deemed appropriate.

Note: When an employee returns to work from a medical absence, management must inform human resources and the applicable pay and benefits specialist of the date of the employee’s return to work as soon as possible to avoid the potential for any negative impacts on the employee’s pay.