Employee’s Guide

Performance Support Conversations Program Overview

Red River College Polytechnic is committed to be a workplace where employees feel heard, valued, and supported. The College has received feedback to create a consistent program supporting conversations between managers and employees about the work of the College, their department and how they are contributing to the overall mission of RRC Polytech.

The purpose of carrying out performance support conversations is to build a relationship of trust and respect between managers and employees. It is an opportunity for both parties to reflect on the work being done and ways to improve the overall working relationship.

The performance support conversations assist in identifying employee strengths, areas for employee skill development and goals in the workplace. It allows for open communication that can help to improve productivity of the department and the College.

Performance support conversations ideally will take place on an annual basis, but a longer-term implementation plan can be developed based on a variety of factors, including the operational requirements of the College and number of employees in the business unit.

The following Performance Support Conversations Program Form Breakdown will provide you with more details on the Performance Support Conversations Program form and help to prepare you for your performance support conversation meeting.

As part of the Program materials, there is an Employee’s Checklist document that outlines the steps to complete your performance conversation. Please note, your manager will be initiating the performance support conversation process. Once you are informed that your conversation is going to take place, begin going through the employee checklist.

Included in this Guide is:

Performance Support Conversations Program Form Breakdown

Strategic Themes & Goals, Vision, Mission and Values

  • This section gives you a chance to reflect on your contributions to the College and how you promote the College’s goals, vision, mission, and values found in RRC Polytech’s Strategic Plan.

General Questions

  • This section of the form is comprised of questions related to general performance and your feedback.

Skills and Principle Responsibilities

  • The position’s skills and principle responsibilities can be found on the job’s position description.
  • Prepare to discuss with your manager how you meet the skills and principle responsibilities of your position.

Skill Development and Goals

  • Prior to your performance support conversation, brainstorm SMART goals for yourself using the Goal Template for Employees document, found in Appendix I. More information on SMART goals can be found there.
  • You and your manager will discuss the goals you have brainstormed, collaborate to create finalized goals for the upcoming year and discuss how these goals can be accomplished, keeping the SMART goals criteria in mind.
  • The goals created can be reviewed at the next performance support conversation meeting.

Comments and Questions

  • Ask any questions you may have or make any additional comments. 
  • Your manager may ask additional questions and provide comments as well. 

Closing / Signatures / Moving Forward

  • Ensure both you and the manager sign the Performance Support Conversations form indicating the dicussion has taken place.
  • You will be provided a copy of the form, the manager will retain a copy and a the original copy will be attached to your employee file.