Performance Support Conversations Program

Red River College Polytechnic is committed to be a workplace where employees feel heard, valued, and supported.

The College wanted to provide a consistent process for the performance support that happens both informally and formally at the College. These tools allow employees to have a regular dialogue with their manager about the work of the College, their department, and how they are contributing to the overall mission and vision.

Why are performance support conversations important?

Carrying out performance support conversations are important to build a relationship of trust and respect between managers and employees. It is an opportunity for both parties to reflect on the work being done and ways to improve the overall working relationship.

The performance support conversations assist in identifying employee strengths, areas of development and goals in the workplace. It allows for open communication that can help to improve productivity of the department and the College. They are also a great way to check in, share ideas, establish rapport and ultimately build a better functioning team for the employee and manager.

How will the Performance Support Conversations Program be rolled out?

The College has developed a suite of supports to help facilitate meetings between employees and managers. Employees and managers will have the ability to access the supports to prepare for performance support conversation(s).  

Performance Support Conversations Materials