Conflict of Interest / Commitment Disclosure Instructions

Employee InstructionsSupervising Manager Instructions

Employee Instructions

Please note that all employees must complete a disclosure logged in under their own credentials. If you do not have a computer workstation, or do not have login credentials, contact your supervising manager or department office for assistance.

1. Introduction

Please carefully read the introduction section of the process and ensure that you have read and understand the policies before continuing. If you have any questions or concerns about completing this process, please speak with your supervising manager or your Human Resource Consultant.

2. Administration

This process has been designed to be completed based on your primary position.

Enter your Employee Position ID and your Supervising Manager information, as indicated on the form.

If you have multiple positions, but have no conflict to declare, use only your primary position. If you have multiple positions, under one manager, use your primary position only.

If you have multiple positions, under multiple managers, you must complete a disclosure for each manager. The process has been created to assist you when making multiple declarations by transferring your information over to a secondary process. First continue to complete the process with your primary position, then when you reach the ‘Duplicate Form’ section choose ‘Check to start a copy of the COI/COC form’ option.

3. Policy Review

Regardless of a conflict to disclose, all employees must compete this section stating that they have read and understood both the Conflict of Interest (P3) and Conflict of Commitment (P4) policies. These responses are logged when the START button is clicked at the end of the form. If you do not click START your response will not be logged and you will be asked to complete again.

If you have no conflict to disclose, click START, and your participation in this process is complete.

You have the option to include names of staff members that need a copy of the completed form at the end of the process, if required.

4. Duplicate Form

As indicated previously in point #2 above, you may use this option if you have multiple positions, under multiple managers. When checked, and you click START at the end of the form, you will be prompted by email to complete your secondary disclosure. For your benefit, all information you had entered in your primary disclosure will be copied over, with the exception of the managing supervisor information.

5. Employee Disclosure

The final section of the disclosure relates to the actual or potential conflict that you are disclosing.

Choose whether the conflict is an actual conflict or if it is a potential conflict, based on the definitions on the form.

Provide complete details of the actual or potential conflict, in the Details box. These details will assist your Supervising Manager and Human Resource Services to develop a management/mitigation plan.

If you have a management/mitigation plan currently in place please provide details. Your Supervising Manager may edit these details as they see fit. If you do not have a plan, leave blank and your Supervising Manager will complete this plan with your input from the details box and in consultation with you and Human Resource Services.

Click on START to complete the disclosure. Your task is now complete and you will receive a formal letter of your management/mitigation plan once assessed by your Supervising Manager and Human Resource Services.

Supervising Manager Instructions

When an employee has completed a conflict disclosure, you will receive an email asking you to complete the next step of the process. You can use the link in this email to access the form, or go to Outstanding Steps in the Maestro application in HUB.

You will have the ability to view all fields that your employee has filled in for review purposes. You may edit the Employee Position ID field if the employee has used an incorrect position ID, i.e. it is not their primary position. You will also have the ability to edit the Management/Mitigation Plan if more details are required.

Note: The Management/Mitigation plan is an understanding between the employee and the College and will be detailed in a formal letter from Human Resource Services at the end of the process. It is the Supervising Manager’s responsibility to ensure that the employee maintains the agreement of the plan.

If you require more information on the Details field, select ‘Additional Information Required, Send Back to Employee’ in the Outcome to Review field, under Manager Review.

If the declaration does not need further information from the employee, continue by selecting ‘Conflict Reviewed, Continue to Human Resource Services’ in the Outcome to Review field, under Manager Review. And follow the steps blow:

  1. Choose your Department/Division/School
  2. Choose your Decision Rationale (regardless of the selection, Human Resource Services will use this information to come to a final decision on the management/mitigation plan)
  3. Enter in your Reason for Decision, this information is shared with only Human Resource Services and the Dean/Director, if required

Click on START to complete the disclosure. Your task is now complete and will be sent to Human Resource Services to be assessed.

If Human Resource Services assesses that this conflict is real a letter will be developed for the employee detailing the management/mitigation plan. The Supervising Manager and Dean/Director will be CC’d in the response.

If Human Resource Services assesses that this not a conflict, a letter will be developed detailing to the employee how to mitigate to ensure it does not become an actual conflict.