Classification Process

Note: RRC Polytech is preparing for the implementation of a new point factor rating job evaluation system from Korn Ferry. Managers and employees are still able to submit a classification request following the process below.

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Classification and Reclassification Process


For any questions related to classification, please contact

As per the Collective Agreement, all non-instructional jobs will be classified with a point factor rated job classification system. Jobs will be evaluated jointly with the employer and union in the Joint Job Evaluation Committee.

Please follow these steps for classification and reclassification review of a job(s) or if providing an updated Job Description:

  1. Complete the Job Description Template formSave in Microsoft Word file format for electronic package submission. Refer to the Job Descriptions Writing Guide while completing the template.
  2. Review completed Job Description with your Human Resource Consultant.  
  3. Complete the Request for Position Review form and obtain all required signatures (digital signatures permitted). Save as a PDF.  
  4. If submitting a new position, you must receive budget committee approval prior to submission.
  5. Provide an updated Department Organizational Chart that includes the job being evaluated. Save as a PDF.
  6. Email all three files to Please do not send any hard copies to HR – retain the electronic documents until you receive confirmation the review has been completed.

Your request will be placed in que for evaluation and you will be contacted if any further information is required. 

Position Title Change Process

Please follow these steps when requesting a position title change. Only Managers can process position title changes. 

  1. Consult with your Human Resource Consultant regarding the position title change to be made.
  2. Complete the Request for Position Title Change FormSave in PDF format for electronic package submission. Send this document to your HRC for approval and signature.
  3. Update the Job Description, saved in Microsoft Word format, to reflect the new position title.
  4. Email the two files to Please do not send any hard copies to HR – retain the electronic documents until you receive confirmation the review has been completed.

You will be contacted once the position title has been approved and updated in the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is responsible for completing job descriptions?

Preparing a job description is based on business needs and is the responsibility of the manager. A manager and employee should review and collaborate on the job description to ensure that it is accurate. However, decisions on the job descriptions final content is the responsibility of the manager.

Should I read the writing guide before I complete the job description template?

We strongly encourage you to read the writing guide while completing the job description template. The writing guide has been created to support you through each section of the job description. It will help to ensure that the Joint Job Evaluation Committee (JJEC) has all the required information to properly evaluate the position.

What factors do not justify a re-classification?
  • An increase in workload that is of the same nature and level of complexity.
  • Any knowledge, skills, or abilities the employee has which are not required to complete the duties assigned to the position.
  • Using new technology or tools (e.g. new software) that do not substantially alter the essential functions of an employee’s job, particularly if the industry is similarly changing to the new technology.
  • Reclassification is based on the job, as opposed to an employee’s individual contribution or success in their position. An employee’s performance is not considered in the job evaluation, nor is a classification system meant to be a reward system or system of retention for high performing employees.