Travel Application Form for Business or Conferences

You are required to complete this form whenever:

  1. RRC Polytech will pay costs (either up front or via reimbursement) for business travel or;
  2. When you are attending an external conference/workshop/seminar, even if there is no cost to RRC Polytech.

Note: For those employees who have travel as a day-to-day aspect of their jobs, the form may not be required. Please check with your supervisor if you are uncertain.

In support of Policy G2 – Meals, Travel and Entertainment, as well as other relevant College policies, this form has two clear purposes:

  1. To satisfy the required approval and documentation process as laid out in Policy G2 relating to travel, meal and entertainment expenses, prior to incurring any costs
  2. To help budget managers plan and track business travel expenses within their budget centres

In the cases of conference/workshops/seminars, the Controller’s Office will forward a copy to Organizational Development on your behalf to account for your staff development. For additional information about business travel, see the Accounts Payable FAQ.

Direct Travel Booking Procedures

Policy G2 also indicates that employees are asked to book air travel through the College’s preferred travel agent, Direct Travel, unless demonstrated cost savings or other administrative factors are demonstrated by the claimant employee.