Employee Educational Assistance

Educational opportunities are available to employees as part of Red River College Polytechnic’s commitment to lifelong learning. As our employees grow and learn, so does our organizational strength and capacity!

Funding support is available towards external university degree programs of study (undergraduate Bachelor’s degree – part-time, Graduate Master’s degree – part-time, and Graduate Doctoral Degree – part-time).

This support is available to all non-probationary employees, within the parameters of our H10 Policy – Learning and Development (Schedule A).

Support involves the partial reimbursement of tuition. Funding maximums are described in the H10 Policy.

Additionally, Leaves (with or without salary) as well as Return To Industry Leaves are available under certain circumstances.

Support for textbooks, travel  and partial reimbursement of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment fees are not funded centrally via Policy H10 – this funding is available at the discretion of the employee’s Dean or Director.

Steps to Complete the Form

  1. Discuss your goals and proposed request/opportunity (program of study, leave, etc.) with your supervisor. Complete the Employee Educational Assistance Application, including obtaining your supervisor and Dean/Director’s recommendation. Note that the form also requires a Learning Plan and a current resume.
  2. Submit your completed application.
  3. The Employee Educational Assistance Committee will review and make decisions.
  4. The employee and supervisor are notified of the decision via e-mail. If further clarification or follow-up is required, an Organizational Development rep will make contact.
  5. In cases where approval is granted for studies combined with extended leave (more than 30 days), the employee meets with a Human Resource Consultant and their respective manager to discuss his/her details of pay and benefits adjustments, as well as completes a Return of Service agreement.
  6. Employee completes, for financial reimbursement and tracking purposes, after each course:
    1. A signed off Staff Development Form (with attached proof of completion).
    2. A signed off Expense Claim Form (with attached receipts). Note – if your program is charged in non-Canadian dollars, please use the Expense Claim Form – Foreign Funds.
  7. Originals of both forms are to be submitted to Organizational Development (FM28) for review, signature and coding. Documentation is then forwarded to Finance by Organizational Development.
  8.  At the request of the employee, a copy of all relevant documentation will be kept on the employee’s file.