Financial Services

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The Financial Services department is responsible for financial planning and analysis, internal risk management and controlling, provincial funding management, financial accounting and reporting. The department plays a key role in shaping both the short-term and long-term business strategies towards fulfilling the College strategic plans.

Financial Services is comprised of several teams, each with specific functions that supports the College community in different ways.

Transactional Services

Transactional Services provides guidance to both academic and administrative units on various issues related to revenue information to students’ fee payments, expense information and vendor payments and relations. The department includes Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR) and Banking.  

Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services consists of Campus Store, Print Shoppe, Campus Living, and Commuting and Parking, as well as Academic outlets. The team works closely with the operational managers and Director to ensure that all revenue generating activities are in accordance with College policies and procedures

Business Solutions and Projects

Business Solutions and Projects assists College Managers with project costing and agreements to ensure that College best practices are followed, and College objectives are achieved. Our services include providing advice and support, coordinating due diligence activities with Corporate Legal and Insurance Services, ensuring a standardized/consistent approach.

Director’s Office

Director’s Office leads the general operations of the finance department and the many projects and processes that impact the College community.  

Financial Planning

Financial Planning plays a key role in guiding and advising School and Business Unit leaders as the College continues to deliver meaningful and exciting programming and research activities to students as well as industry partners throughout the province. Supports the College’s Financial Managers in all aspects of their financial planning, monthly financial accounting, financial costing, financial analysis, and financial training

General Ledger

General Ledger oversees all the financial accounting for the College, maintains the Financial integrity of the College. It is essential to the College’s financial present and future through Funding decisions, Audits, and reporting to internal stakeholders at all levels, as well as external entities such as Government, funders, partners, other.  Provides financial guidance and consultation to College management. Performs complex financial and accounting analysis and reports to the senior management team. Advises Finance staff on various topics. Supports College managers as a Financial Service Representative through financial guidance in budgets, planning, monthly financial accounting, analysis, training, innovation, and all other financial matters, all within the context of high legal, ethical, and professional standards.