Diversity Training

Diversity Training

Manitoba is composed of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, including different national or ethnic affiliations, language, gender identity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and cognitive abilities, spiritual beliefs, marital/parental status, and more.

ENGAGE provides common needs training and development to all RRC Polytech staff across the employee lifecycle. Driven by College strategy, in consultation with employees and leaders, ENGAGE sessions align with RRC Polytech’s Values of Learning, Respect, Inclusiveness, Integrity, Sustainability and Service to Community.

All staff are required to complete the following courses:

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International Education offers modular Diversity Training with in-class interactive workshops that allows knowledge and skills building as students advance from module to module.

Intercultural Competence Training

Intercultural Competence workshops are available to assist students in developing the cultural awareness and skills needed to study and work successfully in today’s global environment. This training series include:

  • Module 1 – Uncovering our Cultural Lens
  • Module 2 – Navigating Cultural Differences
  • Module 3 – Communicating across Cultures
  • Module 4 – Challenging Cultural Assumptions and Bias

Gender and Sexual Diversity Awareness Training

Gender and Sexual Diversity Awareness workshops are also available to support students in understanding the complexity of the gender and sexual diversity spectrum and develop inclusive strategies for respectful and affirming communication. This training series include:

  • Module 1 – Understanding Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Module 2 – Uncovering Assumptions and Barriers

Anti-Racism Training 

The Anti-Racism workshops aim to supports students in acknowledging how racism has shaped our thinking and actions, enhancing our knowledge, and speaking out against racism and systemic barriers. This training series include:

The Anti-Racism Training series include:

  • Module 1 – Understanding Race and Racialization
  • Module 2 – Understanding Systemic Racism
  • Module 3 – Acknowledging Systemic Racism in Canadian History
  • Module 4 – Identifying Systemic Racism in Canada Today
  • Module 5 – Challenging Racism in the Canadian Workplace
  • Module 6 – Identifying our Privilege
  • Module 7 – Becoming an Ally

Online Diversity Training

International Education currently offers three Diversity Awareness Courses housed in LEARN. These courses feature video lectures, testimonies, learning activities, and accompanying resources. The suite of LEARN courses include:

Library and Academic Services developed Diversity-related library guides. These guides include books, ebooks, videos, articles, community organizations, and other resources. The suite of Diversity-related library guides include:

Other Resources

Red River College Polytechnic provides a variety of educational resources to assist faculty in supporting students settling in Manitoba and preparing for College, developing intercultural competency, and increasing awareness and understanding about diversity.