Pillar 5: Student Success

To create learning opportunities to meet the current and emerging needs of students, employers, and communities.

Pillar Completion Progress




of Goal

Divisions and Areas


Provide a user experience that is accessible to everyone in several ways.Work collaboratively to create a user-centric approach to the application process.

Human Resource Services, Corporate Legal, Safety, Security, and Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

Foster inclusive, supportive and respectful behaviours and work environments for staff and students through:

Supporting the transfer of EDI training
Increased employee awareness of EDI topics (i.e. unconscious bias; barriers to diversity and inclusion) and sharing ideas for fostering inclusive work and learning environments.
Considering EDI into policy development.Reduce systemic barriers within the College’s policy framework.
Using our recruitment processes to select employees whose values align with the EDI values and commitments of the CollegeDepartmental recruitment efforts will include EDI values and commitment which will translate to the appointment of successful candidates who demonstrate these values/commitments

Research Partnerships and Innovation

Ensure students are given opportunities to be involved in research projects.Provide EDI training as a requirement of the coop placement. Give the students exposure to EDI which then will be a soft skill that they take into their future workplace as well as highlight it on their resume.

Schools of Business, IT and Creative Arts

Publicize and celebrate the achievement of underrepresented students.Ask faculty to nominate students to be showcased.

Show case the work of 2 underrepresented students per year.
Increase the amount of Indigenous content in academic programs.Work with the school of Indigenous Education to determine how best to increase the content in our existing programs.

School of Continuing Education and Regional Campuses

Foster Culture of Inclusion in SCE.Locate the Calendar put together by Diversity and Inclusion.

Create 4 links in SCE to the calendar.
Review language in course materials to ensure it is inclusive and appropriate (i.e., Indigenization of courses and content).It is added to list of requirements for the in-progress process.

School of Health Science and Community Service

Ensure accessibility in Flexible Online Delivery Model (FODM) for all students in our programs.Each Chair to discuss with their departments and take action as needed.
Review Admission requirements in each program to ensure there are no barriers to admission for applicants.Change admission requirements as necessary to ensure equity in application and admission process.
Apply principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) when creating curriculum.Faculty continue to work with CPLE to enhance and enrich learning.

School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Target additional co-op partnerships with indigenous businesses and communities for SIE culinary placements.Co-op coordinator to work with SIE to target indigenous employers on communities.
Designate gender-neutral change rooms.New gender-neutral change room on 4th floor.
Revisit posters / imagery / paintings and marketing at PGI.Review all currently posted marketing and discuss.

School of Indigenous Education

Develop Four Seasons training for students.Work with Four Seasons provider to develop content.
Provide an opportunity for students and staff to connect with an Elder and learn Indigenous ways of knowing and being.Host noon hour events with Elders.
Eliminate barriers for Pathway program admission requirements.Propose admission requirements for approval by SAC.

Update website.
Develop a module that provides newcomers with accurate information on Indigenous peoples’ history.Create a learning module with correct information and inclusion of Elder in the classroom for newcomer students.
Develop Navigation Coach MS Teams site to build relationships with students and offering space for students to virtually support one another.Build MS Teams site and communicate to students College-wide.
Increase connections between students and staff in the new Compass Skills program.Met with CICan team to create the inclusion-diversity-and equity plan.

Student Services and Global Partnerships

Demonstrate our commitment to the success of our students through innovative engagement efforts that begin before application and continue after graduation.Engage the Student Association to solicit feedback from students and collaborate on engagement efforts.

Develop a student feedback mechanism(s) within SSGP to understand the barriers and identify room for improvement with an EDI focus. (“customer satisfaction”).

Provide opportunities for intercultural competency training to all students (international & domestic).