Pillar 4: External Partnerships and Outreach

To build meaningful relationships with external organizations/partners to further support and compliment the successful delivery of our EDI goals.

Pillar Completion Progress




of Goal

Divisions and Areas


Division leaders to regularly connect on which organizations or partners they’re working with for the purpose of getting better understanding of how the institution is perceived with respect to EDI.Partners provide feedback and aid in RRC efforts towards EDI; Start with a review of existing partnerships (e.g. Pride Winnipeg, LGTBQ Winnipeg, Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce).
Leverage Advisory Councils for additional feedback and assistance with helping institution with EDI.Advisory Councils engaged in conversations around EDI for Marketing and Alumni Engagement.
Support Advancement Employees to attend external EDI Activities, such as Pride Parade, etc.Employees feel encouraged to participate and support external EDI Activities.
Enhance external partnerships.Collaborate with Procurement and Logistics to establish EDI as part of the selection criteria.

Finance, Administration and IT

Increase opportunities for procurement partnerships with diverse suppliers.Develop a policy framework.

Research and consultation with internal and external stakeholders to determine best practices.

Identify five opportunities for specific procurement activities which can incorporate EDI principles.

Human Resource Services, Corporate Legal, Safety, Security, and Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

Enhance EDI outreach within the department by increasing and strengthening our relationships with EDI focused organizations.Increase the number of departmental relationships with EDI focused organizations.

Strengthen/diversify our existing relationships with EDI focused organizations (i.e. MB Start, AMIK, MB Metis Federation, CCDI).

Include EDI outreach in the recruitment strategy for departmental competitions.

Research Partnerships and Innovation

Determine specific, meaningful EDI considerations (dimensions) for the department to integrate into industry projects.A set attainable metric(s) for the team to incorporate into their outreach strategies with industry engagement.

Currently at 50% complete.
Connect with and explore models – incorporating EDI into research practices (EDI Lab – Concordia Partnership).EDI measures embedded in research practice.

Review up to three models.
Through TAGFA, identify alignment of EDI objectives.Ensure TAGFA requirements met.
Seek funding opportunities to deliver EDI training to Industry Research Partners.Sponsored courses developed and provided to industry partners.

Schools of Business, IT and Creative Arts

Build or strengthen relationships with at least one organization representing an underrepresented group.Understand barriers to employment at RRC.

Share employment opportunities at the College.

Build a strong two-way relationship. Learn about others’ experiences.
Allocate seats to for Indigenous students.Work with the school of Indigenous Education and the development office to try to find funding for pathways.

School of Continuing Education and Regional Campuses

Become Community Connectors, connecting PS, Business, Community Organizations, Schools, Government, etc.Each region (including Winnipeg), identify four organizations per Region.

Have minimum of 1 event per region scheduled over 2022-23.

School of Education, Arts and Science

Build or strengthen relationships with at least one organization representing an underrepresented group.Understand barriers to employment at RRC Polytech.

Share employment opportunities at the College.

Build a strong two-way relationship. Learn about others’ experiences.

School of Health Science and Community Service

Create school-wide list of external resources/organizations brought in by managers and faculty as guests to share with the entire school.Create list to ensure all employees can see who our partners are and get ideas for more variety and diversity of speakers brought into learning spaces.

School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Establish formal agreements with local organizations such as Harvest, Siloam and Main Street Project.Connect with one community organization per year.
Highlight and possibly expand on the popular After school leaders program at PGI.Determine how this result can be accomplished in partnership with ConED.
Plan an equity, diversity and inclusion related team activity or speaker for all staff to participate in.Explore possible guest lecture from Bruce Oake Recovery centre Chef highlighting addictions, and how food can help heal the body and soul.

School of Indigenous Education

The council will advise senior leadership, faculty, and staff on strategic initiatives, which will help the RRC Polytech move forward, creating an inclusive environment for learning.Meet regularly with the Council to seek guidance and discuss current initiatives.
Host inclusive events throughout the year.Advertise events across the College community and through social media.

Student Services and Global Partnerships

Engage with internal and external partners on college wide EDI strategy to foster communities of practice with individuals who might not typically connect with each other.Academic EDI Coordinator to identify interest in joining a community of practice, topics for discussion and ways to connect.
Ensure alignment/coordination of SSGP activities with the College’s EDI strategy and Strategic Plan.Academic EDI Coordinator represents SSGP on college committees/ teams/conversations related to element in the EDI Strategy.