Employee Equity Data

EDI CategoryRepresentation at RRC PolytechManitoba Labour Market Availability
Racialized persons11%18%
Indigenous persons5.4%14%
Persons with a disability5%20%
Other gender identities0.2%N/A

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this data representative of all RRC Polytech employees?

Self-identification is voluntary at RRC Polytech. That means our equity data is only representative of the employees who have chosen to make their representation known.

Help us determine an accurate representation of our workforce. Completing your self-identification is easy, quick, and confidential. This data helps us evaluate our representation and diversity within the College, and develop strategies, initiatives and programs that will enhance the learning and working environments for the RRC Polytech community. If you haven’t already completed our self-identification form, please do so here and count yourself in!

Why is our employee representation low compared to Manitoba’s labour market availability?

Looking at our data, we recognize we have work to do in terms of increasing employee representation in some areas.

An important step in recognizing these gaps is to first have data such as this available for us to benchmark and work towards improving. With that goal in mind, we’re developing recruitment and outreach plans to address this gap.

It’s also important to recognize that labour market availability is generalized data, and while it helps us understand where progress can be made, it’s also limiting in that it doesn’t look at the availability of representation across industries directly applicable to the post-secondary environment.

In taking a holistic view, we have to recognize that sound representation is an issue present across many industries. As a College, we have an obligation to tackle this in two folds: first in recruiting diverse students into our programs and helping diversify the pipeline of talent moving into industry, and second as an institution to improve our employee representation through the development of innovative recruitment and outreach practices.

What are we doing to address any gaps?

We are developing outreach and recruiting strategies to improve our employee representation. More information is available in our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Where has the labour market availability data been generated from?

This data has been referenced from Statistics Canada.

What should I do if my representation has changed since I participated in the self-identification campaign?

You can make updates to your self-identification at any point using this online form.