Policy Renewal Project


The Legal and Compliance Department will be initiating a review of College policies over the year. College policies touch on everything from academics to administration, human resources, and IT. 

The purpose of the Policy Renewal Project is to ensure that the College policies: 

  1. Set and communicate expectations as per College’s mandate and strategic plan
  2. Are consistent, efficient, and effective in mitigating and managing institutional risks, and 
  3. Are reflective of institutional needs and processes.  

The processes at the centre of the policy management framework are contained in G1 – Policies Development Framework, which governs the development and process of review of Red River College Polytechnic’s policies. The framework helps communicate changes to College policies, provides policy interpretation and identifies opportunities for improvement by overseeing the consultation that supports policy initiation and review. It ensures that the College policies are developed in a clear and consistent matter, and are regularly reviewed, updated, or rescinded if inapplicable. 

In addition to the policy management framework, the Legal and Compliance Department will aid to facilitate the review of the existing College policies. The following are some of the aspects that will be taken into consideration: 

  • In-dept review of existing policy content to ensure applicability
  • Addition of new policies 
  • “Housekeeping” updates, such as changes to formatting, position titles, or legislative references;
  • In-depth review and substantive revisions to content;
  • Retirement of policies that are no longer relevant; and
  • Amalgamation of policies with similar subject matter.

Please note, guidelines and procedures may also be reviewed to the extent necessary to maintain consistency with revised policies. 

For information on how to participate in this process, please see below.

Policies Development Framework

The policy renewal project will be developed in accordance with guidelines stipulated in Policy G1 – Policies Development Framework, as approved by the College President on September 16, 2021.  

The procedure is outlined in Appendix D of the Procedures Guide for Policy G1 – Policy Development.

The following materials, in addition to the outlined procedure, can be found in the Appendices section of the Procedures Guide and may be useful in policy development:

  • Consultation Planning
  • Policy Drafting Template
  • Drafting Guidelines

Progress Report of Policy Renewal Project

Completed Policy Review

General Administration 
  • G1 – Policy Development 
Safety and Health Services 
  • E14 – Covid-19 Procedures 
Human Resources 
  • H1 – Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment 
Principles of Conduct 
  • P2 – Public Interest Disclosure Protection 

Initiated/Ongoing Policy Review

Academic Matters 
  • A10 – Intellectual Property and Copyright 
  • A14 – Recognition of Prior Learning 
Safety and Health Services
  • E Series – All Policies  
  • F3- Signing Authority 
General Administration 
  • G2 – Meals, Travel and Entertainment 
  • G3 – Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy 
Principles of Conduct 
  • P3 – Conflict of Interest 
  • P4 – Conflict of Commitment 
  • P7 – Fair Dealing (Copyright)
  • R11 – Adjunct Researchers 
Student Matters
  • S3 – Student Appeals 

New Policies Under Development

Human Resources
  • Remote Work – HR 

How to Participate

In the months ahead, we ask for your input as we update a number of College policies. The policies are to be reviewed and updated in accordance with Policy G1 – Policies Development Framework which allows stakeholders the opportunity to participate in the policy renewal project by way of engaging in discussions, consultations and drafting. 

Contact and Questions

If you wish to participate in the Project, if you have feedback on a particular policy, if you wish to request a review, or if you have any questions about RRC Polytech’s policies in general (including interpretation and application of current policies), please contact:

Carolyn Frost
General Counsel

Pari Desai
Articling Student at Law