Corporate Legal

Corporate Legal and Insurance Services (CLIS) is a department under Finance and Administration that provides the College with resources related to all corporate legal and insurance matters.

The Corporate Legal and Insurance Services department can be accessed by calling 204-632-2593.

Assistance with Legal Agreements

Corporate Legal and Insurance Services will assist in the review, development and negotiation of agreements on behalf of the College; the negotiation of insurance settlements; regulatory and legislative requirements compliance; and assessing and taking action on College liability and corporate risk issues and concerns. CLIS also serves as the central legal file registry and database for the College and houses most agreement originals.

For assistance in any of these matters, the CLIS Legal Assistant can be reached by calling 204-632-2137.

Policy Coordination

Corporate Legal and Insurance Services assists in the development and maintenance of all College Policy and Procedures.

A policy is a written expression of a predetermined course of action to ensure decision making is consistent with the values and strategies of Red River College Polytechnic. Procedures describe the chronological steps to be followed to implement and adhere to a policy. They provide direction to management and employees about how to carry out the policy in a way that avoids unnecessary ambiguity, conflict, inconsistency or inefficiency.

All requests for new or revised policies and procedures will be directed to the Leadership Council representative of the originating department. Corporate Legal and Insurance Services will be alerted to the need for a new policy or the need for the review and revision of an existing policy.

CLIS will work with a designated individual(s) and/or a committee will be established to research the subject matter that forms the basis of the policy and its accompanying procedures. Corporate Legal and Insurance Services will then produce a draft policy that ensures the integrity of the subject matter as well as legislative compliance and content and format consistency. This draft will be reviewed by the originating department, and then the College’s Policy Committee.

Once approved by the Policy Committee, the policy will be reviewed by Executive and then sent to either the Leadership Council or the Senior Academic Committee for vetting and approval.

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Risk Management and Claims Management

The College attempts to integrate standard risk management principles into all management systems. With the cooperation and assistance of all departments, each new management strategy, objective or program is carefully reviewed to ensure that potential risks have been identified, evaluated and controlled where possible.

Transferring a perceived risk to an insurance policy is known as risk transfer. The Legal and Insurance Services department manages all insurance policies, purchases to minimize losses where inherent risk cannot be avoided. Insurance policies, claims and certificates of insurance are all managed through the LIS office.

All insurance related claims including Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB), liability, property loss or damage are initiated and maintained by the Legal and Insurance Services office in conjunction with the Notre Dame Campus Health Centre, Safety and Health Services department and Security Services.

A self-insurance fund has been established to address the specific needs of the student laptops program where all loss or damage claims are managed.

In the case of an injury, regardless of the severity, it must be reported to the Health Centre at 204-632-2238. The Health Centre staff will then notify Legal and Insurance Services as required, who will process claims.

Once a WCB claim is submitted, it is managed and followed to ensure a safe and timely return to work. The Claims Coordinator liaises with WEB, the claimant, Human Resource Services, the claimant’s physicians and supervisors. In some cases, a graduated return to work program is implemented until the injured staff member can assume their regular duties without restrictions. Assistance completing a WCB claim form or obtaining information regarding a claim can be obtained by contacting the Claims Coordinator.

In the case of damage to or loss of College property, please contact Security Services at 204-632-2323. An insurance claim may result from this report.

For assistance with risk management and claims management, please contact the Claims Coordinator by phone at 204-632-2593.