Travel Alternatives


Telecommuting refers to working arrangements that permit people to do at least some of their regular work from home rather than attending at the office.

Red River College Polytechnic supports telecommuting through the Collective Agreement (article 66), while acknowledging that telecommute arrangements are not suitable for all job classifications on campus. If you’re interested in initiating a telecommute arrangement, we encourage you to have a discussion with your manager about this possibility. Fulfilling these requests will be at the discretion of your manager and will be impacted by the nature of your duties, supervisory requirements, overall performance and the length of service.

A formal telecommute program has not yet been established at the College and is being considered for the next phase of the Transportation Plan.

Flexible Work Hours

Through the Collective Agreement (Article 62), employees are able to request flexible work arrangements, giving employees the ability to work a maximum of 10 hours/day, provided the bi-weekly number of hours worked are met.

College Fleet Vehicles

You might need a car, but don’t need your car. RRC Polytech’s fleet vehicles increase your commuting options by giving you access to a vehicle during the day.

How It Works

Are you a staff member who wants to use a more sustainable commute mode to the Notre Dame Campus but drive because you need your vehicle for business reasons (i.e. meetings, co-op visits, etc.) during the day? If so, the College has a solution for you.

The Red River College Polytechnic fleet consists of two Toyota minivans and a Toyota Tundra truck. These vehicles are available for employee use on a first-come, first-served basis for College-related activities through NDC’s Shipping and Receiving Department.

Advanced notice is preferred and will increase your chances of securing a vehicle, but last minute requests may be accommodated.

Usage periods outside of Shipping and Receiving’s regular hours can be facilitated with approval.

Reserving a Vehicle

To reserve a vehicle, follow these simple steps:

  • Determine the date and window of time you require a fleet vehicle (factor in travel time to meetings).
  • Determine if you have a preferred vehicle.
  • Contact NDC Shipping at 204-632-2462 to check availability.
  • Present your valid Class 5 Driver License – a copy will be made for the files.
  • Pick up vehicle keys and portfolio from Shipping during their hours of operation.
  • Vehicle keys can be dropped into the NDC Shipping mail slot if a vehicle is returned after hours. The vehicle portfolio can be left in the vehicle.
  • The vehicle portfolio contains a gas card, accident report form, and vehicle condition inspection report that must be completed before and after each usage.
  • Once the vehicle reaches a half a tank of gas, please refuel and submit the gas receipt in the portfolio upon return.
  • In the event of an accident, notify NDC Shipping as soon as possible. They may ask you to take the vehicle into MPI to assess the damage and initiate an insurance claim. If the accident results in damage to another vehicle or property, follow the same process as a personal vehicle. Collect all relevant information on site (contact info, driver’s licenses of all parties; license plate numbers, date, time, location, witness contact info, etc.).
  • Longer bookings may require a departmental budget code be included on each gas receipt during the usage period. This budget code will be confirmed by NDC Shipping at the time of booking.

** All radar and photo radar tickets will be the responsibility of the user.

Other Notes

  • Currently there is usually at least one vehicle available more than 50% of the time.
  • Based on demand, future available vehicles may include alternative fuel source and research vehicles.