Online Parking Pass Guide

Logging into the Parking Portal

  • From the Parking Portal you will have the option to view permits, citations, and appeals.

Purchasing a permit

  • Select Get Permits
  • Read instructions carefully and proceed
  • Select the permit you wish to purchase and agree to the terms (only permits you are eligible for will appear)

Select permit dates

  • Select the effective start and end date for your selected permit
  • You may select the start date of your permit up to 15 calendar days in advance.

Confirm/register license plates

  • Confirm which vehicle the permit is for (If vehicle is not listed select Add Vehicle and enter appropriate vehicle information). You may register up to four license plates.
  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure registered license plates are always current. Failure to register a license plate will result in citations issued.
  • The permit holder is responsible for all citations issued on all registered license plates.
  • If you have a license plate on your profile that you no longer use, you may disable it. The license plate will be inactive and will stay on your profile.

Your cart and payment

  • Choose Payment Method and select Pay Now
  • The permit you are purchasing is virtual and you will not receive a physical hangtag. If you require additional parking after his permit expires, it is your responsibility to login and purchase parking.
  • Review Payment Confirmation
  • Select Pay Now
  • You will be rerouted to enter credit card information and returned to the Parking Portal for your receipt


Viewing citations

  • From the Parking Portal select View Your Citations
  • This will show any past or present citations associated with your account and give you the option to pay or appeal your citation(s)
  • Citations may only be appealed with-in 15 days from the date of issue.
  • Citations issued for Parking in an accessible stall without authorization and Parking in a Fire Lane are not appealable.
  • All citations will need to be Paid before they can be Appealed. We will cancel the citation if the appeal is successful and refund the citation fee.

Paying a citation

  • To pay for a citation, select Add to Basket from the Citation Menu
  • Once it has been added to basket select your Basket and click Pay Now
  • You will be directed to your Cart
  • Select Payment Method and click Pay Now
  • Review information in your cart (You will also have the option to Remove the citation from your cart).
  • You will be re-routed to enter credit card information and returned to FlexPort for your receipt.

Appealing a citation

Important: Citations must be appealed with-in fifteen (15) days from the date of issue.

  • Because all citations will need to be Paid before they can be Appealed, first pay off the citation you are looking to appeal.
  • Once you have paid the citation, go back to the Citation Menu from the Parking Portal homepage.
  • From the Citation Menu select Appeal on the citation
  • Confirm the plate number of the vehicle associated with the citation
  • Select Confirm
  • Review the citation details and select next once you have agreed with the information presented
  • Select email and address (You can add an email and address if one is not already in the system)
  • Type the reason for the appeal 
  • You may add up to three attachments before submitting the appeal
  • You will be directed to the appeals receipt
  • We will review your appeal and email you a decision to the email you provided on the appeal form.