Winnipeg Transit

Winnipeg Transit is the number one way our community gets to and from campus. There are just a few things to consider:

  • Plan your route: Winnipeg Transit’s Navigo Trip Planner will help you find the most convenient and quickest routes from A to B.
  • Cost our your ride: Winnipeg Transit has a variety of fare types. Remember, many employees are eligible for reduced fares.
  • Park and ride: There are many Park and Ride locations throughout the city. This service gives you the option of leaving your car and busing to work.

Commuting Between EDC and NDC

Transit Routes #19 and #26 provide a direct connection between the Notre Dame and Exchange District campuses. Travel times vary based on the time of day, but generally speaking it takes 25 minutes to commute between our campuses by bus.

EcoPass and peggo

As a result of Collective Bargaining, Red River College Polytechnic employees are entitled to a 60% discount on monthly transit fares (known as the EcoPass). Monthly fares can be loaded onto a peggo card two weeks before the beginning of each month at the Roblin Centre and Notre Dame Campus Stores. Staff must present their staff card to purchase the EcoPass.

First time EcoPass riders, make sure you bring a signed copy of the EcoPass Terms and Conditions when purchasing your first EcoPass.

Handi-Transit riders are eligible to ride Handi-Transit with an EcoPass. Present your Handi-Transit client number along with your staff card when you purchase your pass at the Campus Store. Due to system limitations, you need to purchase your EcoPass by the third Friday of the previous month to be eligible to ride the following month.

For more information on the EcoPass, email or call 204.632.2166. Eligibility requirements for the EcoPass program are subject to change.

EcoPass FAQ

What is the EcoPass?

The EcoPass is an employer-subsidized monthly transit pass. Like a regular monthly bus pass, the EcoPass allows you unlimited trips on Winnipeg Transit. Red River College Polytechnic subsidizes the EcoPass by 60% and is proud to be one of two large employers in Winnipeg to offer the EcoPass at this generous subsidy level. All employees will receive their EcoPass on Winnipeg Transit’s reloadable peggo card.

Who is eligible for the EcoPass?

Employees located at the Notre Dame Campus (NDC), Exchange District Campus (EDC) or Language Training Centre (LTC) who are full-time or part-time regular or term employees who have met the requirements outlined in Article 4 of the Collective Agreement are eligible for the EcoPass. Contract and casual employees are not eligible. The EcoPass is non-transferable.

How much does the EcoPass cost?

In 2022, employees pay $42.40 for a monthly transit pass – that’s a savings of $63.60. Transit fares are set by Winnipeg City Council and normally increase every January. As such, EcoPass rates increase around that time too.

What are the tax implications of the EcoPass?

Taxable Benefit: Canada Revenue Agency considers the amount that an employer pays towards a transit pass to be a taxable benefit to the employee. The employer-paid portion of each monthly transit pass is subject to tax and CPP and is reported on the employee’s annual T4 slip. For example, an employee who purchases an EcoPass for 12 months in 2022 will pay $508.80 and the College will pay $559.68. The taxable benefit to the employee is $559.68.

Where do I purchase the EcoPass?

The EcoPass is sold at the Campus Stores at the Notre Dame Campus and Roblin Centre for eligible NDC and EDC employees. You must show your staff card to purchase the EcoPass. Passes for the next month are ready for sale by mid-month of the previous month.

During the months of September and January, when the Campus Store is particularly busy, we encourage you to purchase your EcoPass the previous month to avoid longer line-ups. EcoPasses can only be purchased until the 10th of each month due to HR recording purposes.

Are new employees who meet the eligibility criteria automatically entitled to the EcoPass?

To account for administrative processing time, new employees need to wait 30 days from their start date before being eligible for the EcoPass program. Employees are automatically added to the software used to determine staff eligibility for the program. Employees must also have a staff card and must have read and signed Winnipeg Transit’s EcoPass Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing an EcoPass for the first time.

I’m a Handi-Transit user. Can I purchase an EcoPass?

Yes. Prior to purchasing an EcoPass you must provide the appropriate EcoPass purchase location (NDC, Roblin Centre or LTC) with your Handi-Transit Client information. You will then be added to the software and may purchase an EcoPass by showing your staff card.

What if I lose my pass?

First go to the Campus Store or Language Training Centre and let them know you lost your card. They will complete a Lost Card Report Form for you, cancel your lost peggo card and will input a new card into the system for you. There is a $5 fee for replacement cards. Then, take your new peggo card, the Lost Card Report Form and a piece of identification to the Winnipeg Transit Street Centre (65 Garry Street) to have that month’s EcoPass loaded onto your card

Do I have to give up my parking pass at NDC to participate in the EcoPass program?

No. Employees may retain their parking pass while participating in the EcoPass program to promote flexibility in commuting options. However the EcoPass is non-transferable and employees may only purchase a pass for their own use. Failure to follow the conditions of the EcoPass program may result in revocation of EcoPass privileges.

peggo FAQ

What is peggo?

peggo is Winnipeg Transit’s reloadable electronic fare card. Once the card is loaded with a fare, tap your card against the peggo card reader on the farebox, wait for the beep, and go. Peggo also has a number of security features for your peace of mind.

How do RRC Polytech’s EcoPass and peggo work together?

Red River College Polytechnic employees who want to purchase the EcoPass must do so through a reloadable peggo card. Just like before, the EcoPass will be valid from the first day of the month until the last day of the month.

NOTE: There’s a 48-hour wait period between when you purchase your EcoPass and when it’s ready to use on the bus.

First-time peggo user: EcoPass riders must first print, read and sign the EcoPass Terms and Conditions. Bring a signed copy of the Terms and Conditions with you and give it to the Campus Store clerk (or Language Training Centre for LTC staff) when you purchase your card. The Campus Store clerk will give you a peggo card (free during the initial deployment) and will load your EcoPass onto the card.

Returning RRC Polytech peggo user: RRC Polytech employees must purchase their EcoPass at the Campus Store or Language Training Centre. The EcoPass won’t automatically reload and so staff must visit the Campus Store to purchase and load the EcoPass for the next month.

Is there a cost for the peggo card?

The peggo card costs $5.

Why should I register my peggo card?

Peggo cardholders are all encouraged to register their card. All peggo cards are sold as anonymous cards, which means there is nothing that attaches you to your card, other than the fact that it’s in your possession. If you lose your anonymous peggo card, any fares you have on the card can’t be returned to you. If you lose a registered peggo card, you’ll have the ability to recover the remaining value from the card.

Other benefits to registering your peggo card include:

  • Special accessibility features to make transit travel easier for passengers with hearing, vision, and cognitive challenges
  • Passenger display information provided in your choice of 18 languages, selected through the settings on your peggo card

Register your card online, by calling 311 or by visiting a Transit Customer Service Centre.

When can employees purchase/load an EcoPass during the month?

You can purchase/load your EcoPass onto your peggo card for use during the:

  • current month up until the 10th of the month.
  • following month after the 15th of the current month.

IMPORTANT: There’s a 48 hour waiting period between when you purchase your e-fare and when it can be used.

Can I load other fares onto my peggo card?

No. Your EcoPass peggo card can only be used for that fare type. Other fare types can interfere with the monthly loading of the EcoPass.

If you’d like to purchase other fare types (e-cash, 3 day e-pass etc) you need to first purchase a separate personal use peggo card from a Fare Product Sales Agent. Cards can be purchased at the Ox, The Mercantile, or a variety of other locations.

Help! I lost my peggo card, what do I do?

It’s a hassle to lose your card, but fortunately you won’t need to purchase another EcoPass for that month. First go to the Campus Store or Language Training Centre and tell them you lost your card. They will complete a Lost Card Report Form for you, cancel your lost peggo card and will input a new card into the system for you (there’s a $5 fee for replacement cards).

You then need to take your new peggo card, the Lost Card Report Form and a piece of identification to Garry Street Business Service Centre to have that month’s EcoPass loaded onto your card.

More information on peggo can be found on Winnipeg Transit’s website.