Comment Etiquette and Guidelines

We know communication is most meaningful when it’s two way. Our comment feature allows you to share your thoughts on the latest College news, chat with your colleagues, and ask questions.

Staff Forum is a place for employees to connect and have dialogue. That being said, the following are guidelines about what’s appropriate to comment and what isn’t.

Note: Our Principles of Conduct policies (P1-P7) apply in this space.

  1. Think before you comment. Your name is visible and attached to anything you post.
  2. Mind your manners. Be respectful, courteous, and civilized to everyone. Hateful comments, trolling, or harassment of others will not be tolerated.
  3. Keep it clean. Don’t use inappropriate language, swearing, or vulgarities.
  4. Make it short and sweet. Keep your comments brief and check for spelling errors or tone that could be misunderstood.
  5. Take a breath. If you read something that upsets you, pause and collect yourself before posting a comment. Consider if your feedback should be emailed to an appropriate staff member instead.
  6. Ignorance is bliss. Keep your information secure by not posting sensitive content such as passwords or personal information.
  7. Have fun. Strike up a conversation or add to one to keep the dialogue going.