Communication Services

The College and Public Relations team offers a variety of supports to departments across the College to ensure their communication needs are met. In addition to internal and external communications, our team is also responsible for event services, government activities for the College, and much more.

We’re here to help

Need help drafting a piece of communication? Looking for support on a project? We can help!

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Note: Before submitting a communication request, please ensure you’ve drafted some material in advance for our team to review; for example, a bulleted list, fully drafted memo, other notes, etc.

Need a logo, PowerPoint template, or other branded material? Find what you’re looking for in the Marketing Toolkit.

Our commitment to you

The College and Public Relations team is committed to helping you develop and deliver strategic communication products. Please note we require a minimum of 10 business days of notice before beginning a communication project. Generally speaking, the turnaround time required for certain materials is outlined in the table below (these are just a few examples of the many tasks we help with). However, depending on the nature and complexity of your request, we may require additional time to support you.

TaskTime Needed
Internal email/memo5 – 10 business days
External email/memo5 – 10 business days
Document review 5 – 10 business days
Media Release10 business days
Document development10 business days
PowerPoint development10 business days
Event speaking notes15 business days
Blog story15 business days
Webinar planning15 business days

Note: Revisions to RRC Polytech’s website and Staff Forum may also require Marketing’s support.