Mental Health Workshops

In-class Workshops for Students

Managing Stress and Anxiety While Learning During a Pandemic

This interactive 75-minute presentation will normalize a variety of stress responses while presenting relational, physical and cognitive coping strategies. A mental health continuum will be offered as a self-assessment tool. Participants will:    

  • Reflect on sources of student stress and anxiety. 
  • Learn about the relationship between stress and functioning. 
  • Explore proactive strategies to maintain health.
  • Consider how to recognize when they or a fellow student is in distress.
  • Learn how to access supports and services.

Instructors may contact Breanna Sawatzky to book a virtual workshop, facilitated live over Webex.

Reducing Performance Anxiety: Strategies for Practicum, Clinical and Work Placements

This interactive 90-minute presentation is designed to help students accept and manage performance anxieties that are typical during experiential learning and evaluation. These settings include clinical, practicum, preceptorship, field experience, applied projects, co-op placements and service learning. Participants will:

  • Understand and destigmatize anxiety disorders.
  • Accept and increase tolerance of performance anxiety as a normal feature of supervised experiential learning and evaluation. 
  • Learn strategies to calm nerves, muscles and mind to improve memory and focus on the task at hand. 
  • Manage anxiety and stress related to learning in a health care environment during COVID (if this applies to the group). 
  • Learn how to access supports and services.

Instructors may contact Karen Gowryluk to book a virtual workshop, facilitated live over Microsoft Teams or Webex.