Campus Well-Being

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Healthy Minds Healthy College is an organization-wide strategy, working to cultivate an environment of support that provides a sense of well-being, belonging, connectedness, and positive mental health for all students, faculty and staff. Our strategy focuses not only on building individual coping skills and encouraging help-seeking behavior, but takes a systemic approach, aiming to create interpersonal and organizational conditions that foster positive mental health.

Being a health promoting institution requires organization-wide collaboration – this work cannot rest with one office. The Healthy Minds Healthy College Steering Committee serves as a catalyst for moving the work forward in alignment with the College’s Strategic Plan

To build mental health literacy, we deliver events, communication, and workshops to the College community. To build organizational capacity, we conduct training. Working to ensure the right mental health supports and resources are provided, we regularly consult with students and staff. We also collaborate with a variety of College departments to conduct applied research and engage in program and policy development.

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