AV Troubleshooting Tips

The following is a list of common troubleshooting scenarios frequently experienced by users. These solutions can be performed by anyone capable of using AV equipment. Please respect your fellow users and refrain from unplugging or tampering with cables or AV equipment.

Projector and Display Issues

Colours are “off”

This usually indicates a cable problem. Make sure all cable connections are secure and properly seated at the wall and computer.

If you notice the cable is damaged, bring it to AV Services for a replacement. If this isn’t possible, please contact AV Services.

Computer screen isn’t displaying properly

  • Check the input setting (usually “Computer 1”)
  • Set to duplicate display (Windows key + P)
  • Adjust the resolution to 1024 x 768 (right-click on desktop > graphics options > resolution)
  • Make sure all connections are secure, then restart
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Image is blurry or distorted

You may need to change the laptop resolution to 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 800 (right-click on desktop > graphics properties > resolution)

“No signal” message appears

  • Check cable connections
  • Make sure projector is on
  • Choose correct input (sometimes this is through the doc cam)
  • Adjust display settings (may have to reboot)

Projector automatically shuts down

To save energy, control panels are set to automatically shut down after 120 minutes. Simply press any button on the keypad and the timer will restart for a further 120 minutes. If your laptop goes to sleep for 15 minutes, this automatically shuts off the data projector as well.

Projector isn’t displaying what is on my laptop

The laptop probably needs to be restarted. Ensure display settings are set to clone or duplicate display. As always, hook up all equipment first, then turn on projector, then laptop.

Projector won’t come on

The remote batteries may be dead. Please bring the remote to AV Services for replacements. If this is not possible, please contact AV Services.

Note: Portable projector units are available from AV Services. You may also send a student to pick it up on your behalf.

Audio and Video Playback Issues

Sound is coming out of laptop, not speaker in classroom

  • Disconnect the HDMI/DisplayPort cable. Wait a few seconds and reconnect. The laptop should sort it out on its own. If this fails, right-click on the speaker icon on the lower right of the task bar. It likely will show two audio playback devices, select the one that says HDMI.
  • If the above doesn’t work, leave the HDMI/DisplayPort connector connected and restart computer.

Video plays without any sound

  • Check that computer volume is not muted
  • Check media player volume
  • Check audio playback settings – for VGA connections, set to speakers output (search for the audio control panel to select this)

Volume won’t adjust using the remote

If the room has a control panel, do not use the remote (this will put the projector out of sync). The volume may be adjusted from the control panel.

PowerPoint Presentation Issues

View changes after playing a video

When using PowerPoint, it switches to extended display after going to another app, and needs to be set back to duplicate display.

  • Use Windows key + P to open projection options
  • Side bar appears
  • Choose Duplicate Display

Won’t display on screen

Check the input setting using one of these methods:

  • If there is a desktop and laptop, this could be input 1 or 2. If there is one computer in the room, it will be input 1
  • On the projector remote, press the button at the top marked RGB (older remotes) or Computer (newer remotes)
    • Each press will toggle through inputs
    • Wait a second or two after each press to see what input is displayed on the screen
    • Cycle through until you get to the desired input
  • If there is a “My Computer” or “My source” button at the top of the remote, try that first

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