Professional Development

Tuition Fee Waivers

The following page offers information for Red River College Polytechnic employees regarding Continuing Education, Distance Education, the Certificate in Adult Education and the Technical Vocational programs.

Continuing Education

Employees of Red River College Polytechnic have access to tuition-waived Continuing Education courses (classroom delivery). In order to be eligible for Continuing Education courses, the employee must receive advance approval from the supervisor and complete a Staff Development Form.

Fee-paying students are accommodated first, so an employee seeking a tuition-waived space in the course will not be confirmed as a student until one-two business days prior to the course start as a means of ensuring availability. Additional requirements apply – see Policy H10 (Schedule C) for details.

If you are interested in a Continuing Education (classroom-based) course, secure approval from your supervisor first, and then complete a Staff Development Form. Have your supervisor sign and date the form and forward it to Continuing Education in C116, Notre Dame Campus.

Distance Education

It is important to note that Distance Education courses (online delivery) through Red River College Polytechnic are also available for College employees. However tuition is not waived for these courses, except in the case that the course is considered a mandatory job requirement as indicated by the supervisor*.

* Where a Distance Education course is considered a mandatory job requirement as indicated by the supervisor, the school/department pays for the course upfront on the employee’s behalf. Please indicate this detail on the Staff Development Form, where asked, if this is the case.

For Distance Education courses, if the employee wishes to secure funding support, they must acquire approval for the course from the supervisor in advance and complete the Staff Development Form which is signed and dated by the supervisor.

The employee then registers and pays for the course upfront themselves. Following completion of the course, the employee submits an Expense Claim with proof of course completion, and is reimbursed the full cost of the tuition by their respective department/school.

Therefore, securing approval prior to the start of the course is critical to ensure that there are available department/school dollars for supporting this request. Because these costs are funded through the department or school, personal interest courses are not approved for distance education – courses should support an employee’s professional development. See Policy H10 for more details.

Technical Vocational Program

The Technical Vocational Teacher Education program is offered through the Teacher Education department.

This program has a different registration and payment process. Employees cannot register course-by-course for this program. Start the enrolment process ›

Note: Employees will receive an invoice for each course in this program. Upon receipt of the invoice, the employee should pay upfront and then submit an expense claim with proof of completion at the end of the course.

For more information about the Technical Vocational Program, please contact Daryl McRae at or 204-632-3765.