Professional Development

Session Formats

Asynchronous (Pre-recorded) Session (15-45 minutes)

This delivery provides maximum flexibility, as the participant audience does not need to be available at a specific time to attend the learning activities. Your session will be promoted on the Virtual event platform along with the synchronous sessions providing you and the participants with the flexibility of attending when it is most convenient.

Campfire Conversations or Cracker Barrel (30-45 minutes)

Campfire sessions are a more informal take on a traditional presentation. Its aim is to break down the barriers of the lectern and encourage conversation. Each session can have a theme and a few speaking points to get the conversation started, but the aim is to encourage audience participation, open up dialogue in the group and allow participants to share their experiences and thoughts on the discussion theme. 

Conversation Panel (45 minutes)

This format involves presenters with varying perspectives on the same issue in a conversational dialogue, either in armchairs or in a standard panel set-up. Presenters participate in a moderated discussion with dialogue, storytelling, case studies, and lessons learned to help participants apply concepts to their areas.

If you have a moderator in mind, let us know. If you don’t, let us know too, and the RED Forum Planning and Instructor PD Groups can assist you with suggestions.

Debate Point/Counterpoint (45 minutes)

Similar to Conversation Panel but with more edge, this format is intended to stimulate conversation and generate fresh perspectives. Take a risk! Select a thought-provoking topic and create a panel with two opposing viewpoints. Add a third panelist to moderate the discussion, frame the conversation, and engage the audience. We’ll bring the podiums!

If you have a moderator in mind, let us know. If you don’t, let us know too, and the RED Forum and 
Instructor PD Planning Groups can assist you with suggestions.

Information Session with Discussion (45 minutes)

These involve one or more experts providing information or teachings to a group. Discussions are part of the experience. Sharing and Teaching Circles and other roundtable-style sessions can be included in this format.

Facilitation with Group Exercises (45 minutes)

The facilitator presents a segment of content and then leads engaging activities, group breakouts, and participant reflections on how to apply their new knowledge to practice. Session time is split approximately half into content and half into exercises appropriate for large groups to maximize interactivity.