Professional Development

Call for Proposals: Red Forum and Instructor PD Day

Proposals are being accepted from RRC Polytech employees and external submitters for professional development sessions. Due to a limited number of sessions times available, only a select number of submissions will be selected.

Sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length depending on the format selected. 

60-75 minute sessions will be considered in rare circumstances only, if more time is necessary to maintain the quality of the content. Please read the full overview before beginning your submission.

Deadline: Friday, March 4, 2022 at noon

Note: No proposals including any form of solicitation will be accepted.

Streamlined Submission Process

We still need some key information from you, but this year we’re making it simpler to submit your idea.

Please complete the following:

  1. Ensure you have reviewed the TRC reports and the 94 calls to action specific to our educational context. You are encouraged to contact Carla Kematch, Manager, Truth and Reconciliation, at for a short consultation before you submit, if your proposal contains Indigenous content.
  2. Review the 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Commitments and pick the one that most aligns with your session idea.
  3. Examine the presentation Session Formats and choose the one that best fits
  4. Complete the submission form, including the 2022 Session Plan Outline and an abstract of 100 words or less. Optional: you can also submit a link to a 1-3 minute video describing your session details, topic themes and format.

Selection Process and Criteria

Proposals are selected to ensure both the RED Forum and the Instructor PD Day (IPD) offer a comprehensive and diverse program.

Attention will be given to diversity of facilitators, subject areas, College representation and ability to record the session.

Selections are ranked by RED Forum/IPD Advisory Groups specializing in each stream, and final selections are approved by this year’s RED Forum and IPD Steering Groups. Decisions will be communicated to all submitters in late March.

In the case of multiple proposals on the same topic, more information may be requested from the submitter to help the RED Forum and IPD Steering Groups make a final decision.

Any submissions that include solicitation (sales pitches, special offers, suggestions of further sessions that require payment, etc.) will be removed from the selection process.

We reserve the right to remove presentations after the acceptance of a proposal if they fail to align with the criteria.

The criteria for selection are:

  • Demonstrates alignment to one or more of RRC Polytech’s Strategic Plan Commitments
  • Offers value to a wide range of employees for RED Forum and to wide range of Faculty for Instructor PD Day
  • Contributes to a well-balanced slate of topics within the Strategic Plan Commitments
  • Articulates a clear abstract and a session format that fits with the concept
  • Provides attendees with at least one practical tool or ‘takeaway’ that can be applied immediately
  • Presentation and/or presenters connect to principles of equity, diversity and inclusion. Learn more about the EDI Corporate Action Plan >
  • Submission package is complete

The Role of the Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence (CLPE) plays a key role in partnering with you from proposal to presentation day.

Here’s the role we play:

  1. Call for Proposals
    We work closely with the RED Forum and IPD Steering Groups to design and promote the Call for Proposals. We also set timelines for when we will need to see materials from presenters.
  2. Review of Proposals
    We pre-screen all proposals prior to sending to one of four Advisory Teams (represent the Strategic Plan Commitments) that review and rank the proposals.
  3. Selection
    The four Advisory Teams rank the proposals and submit them to CLPE who prepares a roster of selections. These selections are reviewed by the RED Forum and IPD Steering Groups for final approval and placement in the schedule.
  4. Support to Presenters
    Members of CLPE and the Advisory Groups are assigned to presenters to provide consultation and feedback on content, format, outcomes, themes and language to ensure College and RED Forum/IPD standards are met. The CLPE also provides and coordinates logistical support.

Submission Form

Note: Alternate formats of this submission form can be provided upon request.

Call for Proposals (PD Events)

Professional Development Event

Which professional development event are you submitting for?

Contact Information

Are you an external submitter or RRC Polytech employee?

Note: Please include a Fee Estimate or Fee Proposal in your submission if you are an external submitter.

Presentation Information

Which RRC Polytech commitment does your presentation most align to? (Recognizing that it may overlap with other themes)

Note: Please review the 2022-26 Strategic Plan if you have not already done so.

Have you delivered a version of this presentation before? Check all that apply.
What format is your presentation?

Note: Not sure which format is right for your presentation? Learn more about the options ›

Maximum upload size: 10MB

Note: Don’t have the 2022 Session Plan? Download the template and fill it out ›

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