Professional Development

Organizational Development

“We practice learner-centred teaching and engage in a culture of continuous learning.”
– RRC Polytech Statement of Values

Learning is a core value at Red River College Polytechnic. It is at the heart of our mission. It underlies all of our day-to-day business activities.

As a Top 100 Employer, RRC Polytech’s Organizational Development office is committed to providing professional growth opportunities for all employees through a blend of programs and services aimed at enhancing the College’s learning environment and the effectiveness of its employees in serving our students.

Organizational Development carries out its mandate in a collaborative, consultative manner with consideration given to what is in the best interests of the College. We strive to offer a range of learning and development opportunities that are focused on meeting the diverse needs of our employees.

What We Do

Collaborating with College leaders and stakeholders, we provide leadership and development opportunities to the following employee groups and programs:

In addition to our focus areas, we also collaborate with other RRC Polytech learning community partners:

  • Teacher Education – includes the Teaching Essentials Program (TEP), the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE) and other development opportunities

Other areas for training and development:

  • Information Technology Solutions – includes training sessions for employees on a range of IT areas
  • School of Indigenous Education – includes learning and development opportunities for employees such as the BA of Indigenous Studies (part-time) for RRC Polytech employees, as well as in-house workshops such as Working Effectively with Indigenous People. Contact the Indigenous Student Support and Community Relations department for more information.
  • External Vendors – We also work closely with reputable subject matter experts who provide training and/or facilitation services in priority areas such as leadership development.