Professional Development


ENVISION Leadership Program

What is the purpose of ENVISION?

Leadership development is closely aligned to the College’s core mission. Effective leadership directly impacts an organization’s present and future success and can be practiced at all levels of an organization, not only in direct supervisory roles.

By completing the ENVISION program you will:

  • Increase your leadership competencies.
  • Raise your self-awareness by identifying your natural strengths and abilities.
  • Examine your personality and preferred leadership styles.
  • Develop effective leadership skills through in-class, online, and experience-based learning.
  • Hone your professional skills and develop confidence through coaching and mentorship opportunities.

Will I receive a certificate upon completion?

At this time, ENVSION is a non-credit, in-house training and development program available to all current staff members. Completion of the program will be recognized as an asset by Human Resources and a record of achievement will be provided.

What topics will be covered?

The curriculum for ENVISION is closely aligned with the College’s core leadership competencies. Learning opportunities will foster greater knowledge and awareness of your personal and professional competencies and help you hone effective leadership behaviours through experience-based, skill-building exercises.

Does the College advocate a particular leadership and management approach?

In a sense, the College’s leadership competency model supports an organizational culture of collaboration and consensus-building, employee engagement, shared accountability, service, flexibility, and career advancement.

ENVISION is focused on building your understanding of what it means to be a formal leader in the College. Through exploring and applying progressive leadership and management approaches and best practices, you will gain understanding of how to effectively carry out your role in a constantly changing environment.

When is the program expected to start? How long is the time commitment?

The first module will begin in Fall 2021 and the program is scheduled to run for one year ending with a presentation of your final applied project at a celebratory event. 

Eligibility and Application Requirements

Am I eligible to apply?

All employees who are not employed in a role where they are responsible for formally supervising direct reports are eligible to apply. Examples of eligible employees include: 

  • Academic and non-academic coordinators
  • Instructors
  • Program Facilitators
  • Instructional Designers and Educational Developers
  • Advisors and/or Program Specialists
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Technicians 

Examples of employees who are not eligible to apply to ENVISION include: 

  • Chairs
  • Program Managers
  • Deans
  • Directors
  • Supervisors

How in-depth and current should my resume be?

Your resume is a component of your application package that is weighed carefully along with other requirements (e.g., learning plan, video presentation, etc.).  It’s in your best interest to provide an up-to-date resume that adequately reflects your experience, educational background and other relevant information so that the selection committee can learn as much about you as possible. You can use any resume format or length that best expresses this, including a CV.

What if I have less than two years of consecutive service at the College? Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. Decisions will be made by assessing your application and supporting materials against the program’s eligibility criteria.

Is there a guide or template to complete a learning plan?

Yes, there is a learning plan template that can be downloaded.

If you require more assistance, please sign up to attend a workshop that will help you plan and organize your Learning Plan. Check out the ENGAGE page for a list of upcoming workshops.

Do I need my supervisor or manager to approve my application?

Yes, your supervisor’s or manager’s endorsement must be included in your application package.

Although I have recently had a satisfactory performance review, I do not have 2 consecutive years of documented reviews. Am I still eligible for the program?

All applications will be considered on their own merit. Your most recent documented review or recorded history of satisfactorily meeting performance expectations will be taken into account by the selection committee.

Can I expect a raise or promotion to a leadership position upon completing this program with my newly developed skills?

There is no financial incentive to enrolling in ENVISION. Participation in the program does not guarantee a future leadership position at the College. Fair, competitive hiring practices still apply, however, successful completion of the program will be considered an asset.

Will I be recognized for my contributions to the projects that I work on during my time in ENVISION?

Your final assignment in the ENVISION program will be based on an existing project in your area or another department in the College. While your role on the project will be well-defined, you may be asked to contribute your insights and ideas to it as its being planned or delivered. 

You will have an opportunity at the end of the program to showcase the contribution of your time and efforts to this project at the gallery walk – a visual presentation of each cohort member’s applied project. In the past, this capstone event was attended by various members of the College community, including managers, project coordinators, and senior leaders.

Who can I speak with about the application process or if I have additional questions about this program?

Carleigh Friesen at or Melissa Goulbourne at

If my application is unsuccessful, can I re-apply to ENVISION next year? Will my previous application be saved?

Yes and no. If your application was unsuccessful this year, we encourage you to re-apply to become part of the next cohort. However, you are advised to update your application package. You may notice that some parts of your resume or learning plan may need to be refreshed, so when the application period opens again, you are advised to attend another information session and begin the process again.

Before, During and After the Program

Will I have an opportunity to apply RPL to what they have learned or completed in the ENVISION program towards credit in a formal accredited program?

No, ENVISION is a non-credited program.

Will I be able to challenge a particular topic using the RPL process if I already come with that experience and can demonstrate it?

No. We would like everyone in the program to complete all required learning modules as a cohort. We recognize that each member of the cohort comes to the classroom with their own unique perspective and lived experience. However, collaborative learning is highly valued in this program and peer-to-peer interaction is one of the most important features of ENVISION.

What will the ENVISION schedule look like? Will the sessions run during the day, evenings, weekends?

The ENVISION program has been specifically designed to accommodate your work schedules. While some modules can be taken entirely online and at your own pace, other modules will be delivered live in a classroom or online every third Wednesday of the month. All scheduled classroom or online events will take place during regular business hours between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

Please take a moment to review the Program Calendar for the ENVISION program for more information on the delivery dates and times of each required module.

What pre- or post-session assignments should I expect to complete in the course?

All pre- and post-session assignments are geared towards helping you develop and refine the leadership competencies defined in each learning module. During the Leadership and Professional Development Series, you will create a new learning plan with updated and refreshed goals set at the end of each learning module in consultation with your learning partner and manager. 

Throughout the Applied Management Series you will complete practical assignments that will offer you a space in which to apply the knowledge and skills you have developed in-class or online. You will have an opportunity to apply many of the competencies that you’ve developed throughout the ENVISION program when completing your final project. This project requires you to synthesize and apply your project and change management skills, in addition to your HR and financial management competencies. 

What is the selection process for the final project?

Your final project in the ENVISION program will align with a new or existing College-wide initiative. At the RRC Polytech Leaders in Action panel discussion – see Program Calendar for details –  you will be introduced to the leads of several RRC Polytech projects that are available for you to work on as a requirement of your final project. 

After this discussion, you will identify the projects you are interested in participating in. To the greatest extent possible, you will be matched with the project most suited to your leadership goals and interests.

Am I required to complete all modules?

The short answer is, yes. As a member of the ENVISION cohort, you are required to complete all eight required modules and four suggested ENVISION electives. The suggested electives for the ENVISION program have been carefully selected and are intended to enhance your leadership competencies as related to the goals of the Program and your work at the College. 

What types of electives are offered through ENVISION?

Electives may be taken in-person or online, and range in topics from communication skills to self-care. Electives may be taken from a suggested suite of classroom and online sessions available through the ENABLE and ENGAGE programs or from the online video collections offered through LinkedIn Learning.

Other than ENVISION, what other types of training programs are available to employees?

The ENABLE Leadership Development Program for all formal leaders is offered by the Organizational Development Department. This is a year-round program that includes a range of leadership topics for RRC Polytech’s approximately 150 leaders. 

In addition to ENABLE, the ENGAGE Employee Development Program includes training and development courses for all employees. Training that falls into ENGAGE spans the entire employee life cycle, from New Employee Orientation, to Mental Health First Aid and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention. Faculty development sessions are also offered to instructors on topics ranging from rubric creation to student engagement. 

In addition to the programs offered through the Organizational Development department, there are many other formal and informal ways to develop your own professional and personal skills and competencies at the College. For instance, the Certificate in Adult Education and Teaching Essentials Program (for instructors), LinkedIn Learning, and RED Forum. You are also encouraged to scan courses offered through Continuing Education or degree programs external to RRC Polytech. 

The College provides financial support to employees in support of their professional development – see HR policy for more details. There are also many informal learning opportunities that take place through committees, steering or working groups, mentorship, and job-shadowing. Speak with your supervisor or a member of the Organizational Development team to learn more about these exciting on-the-job training opportunities.