Professional Development

Applying to the ENVISION Program

The application process for the ENVISION program can be completed entirely online through Maestro. This process includes several steps and requires the support of your supervising manager and a colleague who is familiar with your work.

Before you apply, remember to speak with your manager about your interest in submitting an application to the ENVISION program.


  1. Login to Maestro to access the application form.
  2. Fill out the first section of the form with your personal information and answer all three eligibility questions.
  3. Prepare your:
    1. Video presentation
    2. Learning Plan
    3. Resume
      • This step can only be completed if your application is successfully endorsed by your manager and colleague.
      • See the information below for details on how to prepare and record your video presentation, learning plan and resume when applying to ENVISION.
  4. Upload your files to Maestro.

Preparing Your Application Package 

In addition to the endorsement received by your manager and colleague, your application will be evaluated on the strength of your video presentation, learning plan and resume. The following information provides you with more insight on what these requirements are and how you can successfully complete them.

Video Presentation

You are invited to put your best foot forward by submitting a 10-minute video – or as many videos as you like – as part of your application package. 

In your video, you will answer questions from a preset list about a leader you respect, admire and have observed. You may have worked with this leader in the past at a different organization or this individual may be presently employed at the College. You should expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours reflecting on these questions and preparing notes on how you will respond to them in your recording. The recording will take you up to 1-hour to record and share via Mediasite Desktop Recorder.

Tips for success
  • Record your presentation in Media Desktop Recorder.
  • If you use your phone, remember to orient it to portrait mode (vertical), not landscape (horizontal).
    • Prop it on a hard surface or a tripod so that it’s stable while you record or have someone with a steady hand film you as you speak.
  • No extra points are given for preparing a PowerPoint or other visual presentation and frankly, it is not necessary. We just want to see and hear from you!
  • Reflect on your responses in advance. Write them down and edit them so you have a good idea of what you will say.
  • Practice. Be prepared to do a few takes until you find the one you like best.
  • Don’t read from a script. Use your notes to keep you on track, but speak into the camera as though you are taking with someone face-to-face.
  • Remember that your focus should not be on providing a top-quality media experience. However, it is important to take the time to ensure that your audience can hear and see you clearly.
    • Make sure your shoulders and face are in the frame.
  • You can upload more than one video, however, the total number of videos submitted cannot exceed 10 minutes.
    • If your video is over the time limit, only the first 10 minutes will be reviewed.
  • If you need help uploading your video(s) to Maestro, contact and include the URL for the ENVISION Learn page in the subject line of your email so that the team knows what the support request is for.

Learning Plan

A learning plan is a conversational tool used to guide discussions between you and your supervisor or manager about your professional development goals over the next year. Your learning plan will be developed in consultation with your supervising manager and will capture your personal and professional development goals.

How long will it take?

It will take you up to two hours to self-reflect, research, and create a draft of your learning plan. You should also expect to spend 30-60 minutes meeting with your manager to review your learning plan and collect their feedback on it. Finally, it may take you an additional 30 minutes to complete your updates and collect your manager’s signature.

What should be included?

Your completed learning plan should be well-researched and designed with creativity and focus. It should include a variety of learning activities that support your interests, and your goals should properly align with the needs of your department and the College as a whole. Find out how to create a learning plan and to download the template

For more assistance on completing this template, you are welcome to attend a workshop offered by the Organizational Development department that will help you create a draft of your learning plan. Alternatively, you can reach out directly to the ENVISION Program Lead for additional guidance and support.


Your resume is an important component of your application package that is evaluated carefully alongside your other application requirements.

Submit an up-to-date copy of your resume or CV that adequately reflects your experience, educational background, and any other information that you think would be relevant to the selection committee. 

You can use any resume format or length that best represents your skills, experience, and personality.

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